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“The Perfect Week”: How I Met your Mother (S5: E14)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 2, 2010

"Tell me about how it happened..."

The reason this episode was so awesome is because it was rife with baseball metaphors.  Mr. Feeny told me it is his favorite episode ever.  Watch it.

Plot Summary: Barney is trying for the perfect week.  To sleep with 7 women in 7 nights without rejection.  However, he’s also in danger of being fired from his job.  And his friends are trying to jinx his entire performance.  Robin is fretting because a super nerdy guy she went on a date with didn’t call.  Ted screws up a student’s name when taking attendance, and she drops his class.  When Barney’s perfect week is about to go up in smoke, Lily throws the game and Barney gets the perfect week.  Also, the entire episode is set up as an interview with CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz.  Nice touch.  Barney doesn’t get fired.

What we learn about the mother: Strike 3.  Nothing.  She’s out.

Best moment: Barney is about to land the perfect week when in walks…Nick Swisher!  The kiss of death for any man trying to get laid in a New York bar.  Lily pretends to sprain her ankle so that Barney’s target won’t be drawn to Swisher instead of Barney.

Top Three Moments/Quotes

1) After Lily apprehends Nick Swisher, Robin sits down at a table with him.  She pretends to know stuff about

The perfe

The perfect week!

baseball.  Nick responds: Yah, baseball is good.  But it’s no hockey.  [Robin starts drooling on herself.  I cringe because that’s so wrong.  Baseball is better than hockey 7 days a week and twice on Sundays.]

2) When Ted finds out that Marshall and Lily share a toothbrush, he remarks: 4 out of 5 dentists just threw up in their mouths.

3) The name of the student Ted screws up is “Cook Poo.”  He scolds his students for not being more creative when making up fake names on the sign in sheet.  Turns out, it wasn’t a fake name.  It actually belongs to a mousy Asian girl who meekly responds: here.  When Ted tells his friends about the incident, Robin remarks: She must be really down in the dumps.  [Cue litany of poo jokes.]

What else did I learn today? Jennifer Lopez is guest starring in March.  Woohoo (if only there was a sarcastic font).

Check out Barney’s blog for more baseball bits.


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