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“Pride and Punishment”: Greek (S3: E12)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 3, 2010

To confess or not to confess?

Katherine reoffers the VP Judicial post to Casey for her support during the fire.  Casey feels guilty for burning the Gamma Psi house down and accepts the job.  Then, Katherine tells her her first task is to investigate the Gamma Psi fire.  Eeeep.  Then, she gets her own clipboard.  (Yeeeessssss!)

Rusty is a celebrity in the engineering world for winning the grant.  He’s also wishing he had a girlfriend again.  Turns out the engineering world doesn’t have that many hot chicks.

Evan and Cappie are on the rocks in their secret society.  Cappie calls Evan an ass clown.  My epithet of choice would have been ‘ass hat.’  But oh well.  After a spat, they’re both in danger of being kicked out of their silly little robe-wearing society.

Cappie is trying to get into a sociology class.  While waiting in line to add the class, he runs into Bex who tells him that she’s been hooking up with Evan.  She says sex is the only thing that works between men and women.  But Cappie encourages her to actually try to turn it into a relationship.

Ashleigh gives Rusty a makeover to help him land a hot girl in their marketing class.  It’s nerd chic.  And totally ugly.  Ash also did the makeover to auction Rusty off for a philanthropy event to raise money for Gamma Psi.  Looks like it’s going to work and he’ll get the blonde hottie.

Casey needs to get over the guilt, so she talks to Evan about how he deals with the guilt of getting the KTs

Gamma Psi on the grind

expelled.  She tells him about the fire.  (Bad news!!!)  She then goes to the Gamma Psi social chair and confesses the truth.  She tries to convince Natalie that she acted alone, but the social chair ain’t buying it.  So, Natalie tells Casey that ZBZ has to give up their house to Gamma Psi.  (BTW, there really should be a good abbrev for Gamma Psi.)

At the nerd auction, Fischer shows up with his new girlfriend.  This puts Ash in a foul mood, so she ruins the auction.  Dale has to save it.  Rusty lands the hot girl at the auction, but all she wants is a tutor, not a boyfriend.

Casey pumps the SongFest judges for information.  Turns out one of them is sleeping with Natalie, the Gamma Psi social chair.  Casey has figured out this was the judge that gave ZBZ a zero.  This is her traction to get Gamma Psi to stop blackmailing the ZBZs to give up their house.  Casey meets with Natalie and Catherine and tells them she knows about the judge, has the score sheets, and is being blackmailed for the house by Natalie.  She says this will ruin the reputation of her house, and they call it even.

After blowing off a shockingly pretty if poorly styled, nerd at the auction, Rusty apologizes to her.  She blows up, but I think they may have a chance.

Next week? Ash and the Beaver?  And Bex and Evan?  Bring it on.  Valentine’s day is almost here.  Time to pair everyone up.


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