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Need more LOST?

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 4, 2010

Never fear, loyal reader.  I want to draw your attention to two things I found while perusing the New York Times today.

The first is the TV critic’s take on the episode.  Mike Hale writes about why he loves LOST, where he thinks its going, and how the writers may try to please everyone.  Read this review here.

The second is the New York Times Arts Beat blog’s recap of the episode.  If you want to make sure you really caught everything that is going on, read their recap.

And of course keep checking back here, as we’ll have more on LOST every week.  Turns out LOST is the one show that all three of us actually agree on.


One Response to “Need more LOST?”

  1. Mr. Feeny said

    Well…it’s the only show we all watch. “Agree on” is clearly not the phrase.

    Moltisanti has an idea for us to discuss LOST in a chat-setting, then post the transcript here. I kind of like that.

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