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Have a Heart: Project Runway (S7: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 5, 2010

Seth works on his new design

Jesus remarks he feels very lucky to still be in the competition.  I agree.

Lifetime needs to stop making Heidi look horrible when she introduces their challenges.  She tells them that they’ll be working with inspiring women.  Tim fills them in on the details.  They’ll be designing a signature dress for the Campbell’s Soup heart disease awareness awards gala.  Using Campbell’s Soup red and Campbell’s printed fabric.  Oh barf.  Like the soup, would not want to wear the label.  Their models will be women affected by heart disease.  The winning designer will be able to accompany their model to the gala.

Jay tears up when his model tells him her story.  She laughs at him.  As she should.  Also, Lifetime, it should be “Jesus’s model,” not “Jesus’ model” in your caption at the bottom of the screen.  Bravo would never have made that mistake.

Anna is tracing “Campbell’s” onto red chiffon.  Maya is making a dress shaped like a heart.  [Who’s Maya btw?  There are

Jonathan fits his model

still too many designers for me to keep track of.]  Mila’s dress has stars all over it.  Janeane is convinced the Project Runway gods are out to get her after she accidentally dips her dress in a bucket of water.  “Just cuz she’s Janeane.”  Seth has lost his perspective in his garment, so he decides to start over with 2 hours remaining.  Help us all.

Runway time approaches as the designers scramble to finish.  Now, I could feasibly say this about every episode.  But they’re scrambling more than usual this time.  Jonathan’s tiered dress looked like a big red sack.  Emilio’s dress looked even more like a red garbage bag.  Anthony designed something, but I was distracted by the fact that he referred to himself in the third person while his design was coming down the runway, so I can’t tell you what it was.  Jesus’s [take notes, Lifetime] dress was too short and looked cheap.  Anna’s dress made her model look like the incredible hulk.  Jay’s dress didn’t fit his model.  On the bright side, Mila’s stars did not look as bad as I’d anticipated.  Janeane’s dress is another snoozefest.  Seth’s dress was also pretty boring, but it was more him than the Greecian draping he was doing before.

The judges really liked Mila’s star dress.  I have to hand it to her.  She pulled it off.  Her model rocked it too, which helped.  Nina likes Amy’s flowing red gown.  It was truly elegant.  Maya’s dress was interesting, which was good in the judges’ books.  The judges are on Jesse for designing something boring.  Michael says it looks like she should have a baton cuz it was all shiny and stuff.  Jesus’s design was a disaster.  A tacky nightmare.  A red nightmare.  [Anyone?  A Christmas Story?]  Heidi flat out questions his taste.  Thanks, HKlum, I do too.  Anna has brilliantly succeeded in accentuating her model’s shoulders.  Right.  What I said.  The Incredible Hulk (who survived open heart surgery).

Dios mio! Que horrible! Jesus's losing look.

Can’t teach taste.  I think Jesus is out.

Amy wins!  Although I would have picked Mila’s star dress.  I’m a convert.  What can I say.

Jesse sneaks by for the second week in a row.  Jesus, however, does not.  He’s shocked to be eliminated, but that’s to be expected.  He has no taste, so he couldn’t know his clothes suck.  It’s not his fault, really.  Should have picked a different career path, though.

Now it’s time to get rid of Anna and Janeane, the boring duo.

Amy works on her winning look.


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