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“Take Me Out”: Greek (S3: E13)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 8, 2010

The all Greek softball tournament is coming up at CRU, and Ash is ready to meet a new guy!  Cappie recommends The Beaver for her new pursuits.  Casey is shockingly easy to convince that they’d be a good match.  He is cute.  If insanely dense.  And a bit gross.  But he IS cute.  Like really cute.

Third wheel Rusty?

Rusty is struggling with an unruly group of pledges.  He’s also struggling with Calvin, who wants him to hang out with him and Grant.  But Rusty really hates Grant.  Cuz of the duct tape thing last semester.  Evan is getting ready for a date with Bex.  [BTW, I refuse to believe that at any fraternity house there is discussion of ‘do I look fat in these jeans?’]  Rusty makes nice with Grant at Dobler’s.  But it’s awkward and horrible.

On Bex and Evan’s date, she talks about how love is all chemicals and how she doesn’t believe in love.  Romantic.

For Ash and Beaver’s first date, they go to a batting cage.  With Cappie and Casey making out in the background.  Fun date.  They also run into Katherine and Natalie in the bathroom talking about the upcoming softball game and ZBZ’s fourthish place in the ranks.  There’s a downer.

Omega Chi invites ZBZ to play softball with them in the tourney.  But, Cappie thought they were playing with KT.  Ash picks to partner with Omega Chi, overruling Casey.  Casey and Cappie are pissed.  As a result, Gamma Psi and KT team up.

Take me out to the ballgame!

It’s game time!  Time to sport cute new ZBZ gear and pink batting helmets.  Boy, what a display of complete and utter lack of athletic prowess.  Isn’t Omega Chi supposed to be the athletic house?  What awkward scenes.  Rusty gives a rousing rendition of “Casey at the Bat” when the game comes down to Casey’s last at bat.  (The outlook wasn’t brilliant / for the ZBZ nine that day…)  Casey considers throwing the game for Cappie, but decides against it and hits the game- winning home run.  ZBZ and Omega Chi win, and Katherine and Cappie are NOT happy about it.  (Heh.  Cappie.  Unhappy.)

At the bar after the game, Grant says some pretty smart stuff about what it’s like to be gay and navigate homophobia.  Rusty is impressed.  Evan and Bex are definitely dating now.  And smooching.  Ash and Casey finally have catch up gossip. Casey admits to not knowing when it’s appropriate to sacrifice what she wants for a relationship.  [Guuuurl, let me know when you figure it out.]  Rusty gets his pledges under control, and they put on a show of ‘A League of Their Own.’  Beaver tears up because he loves the movie.  He is gently reminded that there is no crying in baseball.

But there is crying in greek life [don’t I know it], and next week a new hunky guy comes into Casey’s life.  Can’t wait!


2 Responses to ““Take Me Out”: Greek (S3: E13)”

  1. Andrea said

    OMG Beavers real name is Aaron Hill? Bahahaha interesting to learn during the baseball episode. (I’m hoping everyone knows that there is in fact an MLB player named Aaron Hill (formerly (still?) of the Toronto Blue Jays)

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