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“Rabbit or Duck”: HIMYM (S5: E15)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 9, 2010

Barney won the Super Bowl

Plot Summary: Barney goes to the Super Bowl and holds up a sign telling ladies to Call Barney Stinson [well done, CBS].  His cell phone won’t stop ringing now, so he can’t get far with any of the ladies because he’s worried there may always be a hotter one on the line.  Also, he’s hired our friend Ranjit as his personal chauffeur during the madness.  Robin realizes she’s in love with her co-anchor, Don.  Until she realizes she’s not.  Until she realizes she is again.  Ted decides he’s had it with dating, so as per Ranjit’s advice, he asks Marshall and Lily to arrange his marriage.  They forget.  They end up answering one of Barney’s phone calls and making that Ted’s blind date.

What we Learn about the Mother: She must be a duck.  Not a rabbit.

Best Moment: When Robin shows up to Don’s “party,” he’s sitting naked on the couch.  When she asks him what the hell he’s doing, Don replies: It’s called the naked man.  I read about it on some guy’s blog!  [YES!  The Naked Man returns!  Although, it’s supposed to work.  But this is another reason this show rocks.  They carry their plots and jokes through.]

Top 3 Quotes:

1) [This one’s for Ben.]  Ted says to Robin at MacLaren’s: That beer looks a little flat.  Robin, who has a full pint glass, replies: It’s scotch.  She had a tough week.  Turns out she’s in love with Don, her co-anchor.  [That last part is not for you, Ben.  I am not, nor have I ever been, in love with you.]

Rabbit or duck?

2) After Ted brings out an optical illusion book to say that sometimes rabbits look like ducks, he makes the connection that sometimes you think you’re not attracted to someone but you actually are.  After a screaming match, the gang decides that ducks are better than rabbits.  So, the duck is the man Robin is attracted to.  Ted sums it up: Don. Donald?  Donald Duck.  And what does Donald Duck never wear?  Lily answers: Pants!  Ted [to Marshall]: Permission to say lawyered?  Lawyered.

3) Barney is addicted to answering his phone.  When Lily and Marshall try to take it away, Barney yells: But wait!  She may be trapped in a giant bra!


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