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Covering Heidi: Project Runway (S7: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 15, 2010

Cover up Heidi to win this challenge!

Mila is whining cuz she has no friends and people didn’t say congrats.  Yawn.  Turns out the designers think she’s cocky and “one note.”

But enough of that.  On to this week.  Their challenge is to design an outfit to be worn by a celebrity who will appear on the cover of Marie Claire magazine.  This is huge for our designers.  They are encouraged to think about the cover specifically.  They also have to think about color, season, the words on the cover, and the fact that the shot will be from the waist up.  The mysterious celebrity?  Heidi Klum!

Mila wants her design to “say Mila.”  I hope she isn’t being literal.  Anna is choosing light colors.  Which is going to make Heidi blend into the cover.  Well done.  Anthony has no vision.

Tim is worried.  There’s a total lack of inspiration.  From what I can tell.  I’m drafting a fantasy Olympic team right now, so not paying as close of attention as I should be.

Amy used a unique print on a dress.  Which was nice, but might clutter up the cover.  Seth’s suit was SO boring.  Jesse made a bustier dress which I’ve seen before.  Anna’s tank and shorts were also SUPER boring.  Anthony’s one shoulder blue dress had  interesting volume.  Jeneane’s outfit looked bridal-y.  Mila’s dress was so beige her model looked naked.  Emilio’s red dress was cute and flirty, but perhaps a bit too low cut?  Jonathan’s dress looked like a silk diaper.  Maya made a cute dress with a frilly collar that I also liked.  Ben used vibrant colors with a big belt.  Very cute.

Michael and Nina liked Ben’s modern Madame Butterfly dress (his words, not mine).  Anthony’s teal dress was also a hit with the judges.  Emilio’s red dress was also in the top.  The judges said it was charming.  Anna’s tank and shorts combo had no shape, and the judges were not feeling it.  Michael also says Anna made Heidi look like a teen magazine.  The only thing saving her was that her shorts are well made.  Janeane’s dress was too much and not fashion forward.  Michael says Mila’s dress looked like an ace bandage.  The color blocks she sewed on effectively made an arrow toward her model’s crotch.

Emilio's flirty and fun design

Mila's dress is wrong on so many levels

This is one of the biggest rewards for a PR challenge ever.  No immunity.  But a national magazine cover.  ANTHONY WINS.  And he’s stoked.  Clearly.

The winning design

Anna is out for being unforgiveably boring.  You can tell she was a lightweight because Tim told her “you should be so proud of what you achieved” when she left.

Janeane's bridal disaster was safe

Next to go?  Defs Janeane.


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