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“The Tortoise and the Hair”: Greek (S3: E14)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 15, 2010

Vote or...die...or...they might outlaw porn!

“When life gives you legislatives, make legislative aide.”  –Cappie

Casey’s thinking about the future again.  As she’s a senior, this is probably for the best.  She has a stirring interest in politics once more.  Cappie doesn’t dig Casey going back to DC.  [Suck it up, she’s an independent woman, Cap.  Also, what?  Casey hated her summer in DC.]  She’s hitting up Bex to get an in.  Bex introduces Casey to one of her dad’s young flunkies.  He’s cute.  If a bit toolish.  Strike that.  A lot toolish.  She volunteers to help him with voter registration.

Rusty has a meeting with the dean.  The profs and other big wigs are very impressed with him, so his advisor awards him with an assistant.  [What?  Who gets an assistant?  As an undergrad?]  Dana.  The nerdy girl he blew off last episode.  Karma’s a bitch.  [They’re totally gonna hook up.  Nerd romance is brewing.]  Rusty’s getting a huge head about this whole thing.

Abby, the annoying pledge, is on the hunt for a new housekeeper now that Fischer is gone.  Ash hires Dale who needs monie$ to fund his research since he didn’t get the grant.  The girls wanted a hot housekeeper, though. Dale finds out that Ash and Fischer dated, so he thinks Ash hired him to be a sex slave or something.  After a hilarious rampage, he quits.  Ash hires one of the hot guys, but he’s weird and pervy.  So the girls want Dale back.

Casey and Joel, the toolish law school grad, plan a voter registration party at Doblers.  But when Casey brings up her shot

What future?

at a job as a legislative aide in DC, Cappie isn’t having any of it.  He says they should just deal with the future when it comes.  The party is a huge success.  Joel invites Casey back to his apartment to talk about plans for more voter registration drives.  Turns out, he’s weird and pervy.  Or not.  Turns out, Casey was wrong about him being weird and pervy and he actually was having lots of people over to his place for a debriefing.  After this debacle, Cappie comes to her rescue and encourages her to go talk things out with Joel.  He also hints he’ll try to graduate and go to DC.  Casey swoons.  Turns out, though, Joel wasn’t going to hire Casey for a legislative aide job.  He says the people they hire for those jobs have postgrad degrees [which is false].  Now Casey is back to thinking about law school and grad school.  [Don’t do it, Casey!!! Don’t do it! Noooooooooo!]

Dana and Rusty have a falling out because his wire isn’t going to work. And because his head is so huge I don’t know how he fit through the door of the lab.  She successfully knocks him down a few notches, though.

Btw, the tortoise in the title of the episode comes from the entire episode-long turtle race the KTs are having.  And the hair part comes from Rusty’s advisor getting a toupee for all the interviews they’re doing.

Next week?  It’s Valentine’s Day at CRU.  Which is weird.


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