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Fashion Forward Children: Project Runway (S7: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 22, 2010

Sir Talks-a-lot gets gagged

What a challenge our designers have this week!  Heidi tells them they will be designing a fashion forward, age appropriate outfit for children!  Jonathan admits that he is deathly afraid of children.  Me too, buddy, me too.  They meet their petite models (not of the ANTM last season variety), sketch, and head to Mood.

(Awesome shot of the episode: A dog stares quizzically up at Tim Gunn while in the fabric megastore.  Why the heck is there a dog in Mood?)

Back in the workroom, we learn that Jonathan can do a GREAT Michael Kors impression.  “It looks like Memoirs of a Geisha meets Barney,” he quips.

The designers suspect a twist may be coming.  And their intuitions are right.  Tim tells them they must also design an adult design inspired by their children’s design.  Emilio is terrified because he made a floofy Easter dress.  How will he make a fashion forward adult piece to match?

While they work on their adult pieces, the designers challenge Anthony to not talk for as long as he can.  He made it 15 minutes.

As Tim does his final inspection, he tells the designers he is ‘wowed’ by their designs.  All in all, a pretty good week.

[Observation: Janeane has gotten a TON of face time this episode.  She’s totally going home.]

Runway show time!  Amy made pants out of petals that were absolutely horrible.  Jonathan also used fluffy rosettes to make an overworked duck dress.  Mila’s colorblocked dress with matching adult jumpsuit was ADORABLE!  (I would have thought she would be in the top.)  Janeane’s tank dress had no design in it whatsoever.

Jonathan, Amy, and Janeane make up this week’s bottom three.  Seth Aaron, Jay, and Jesse are in the top.  Michael Kors remarks that Jonathan’s dress looked like a tornado of toilet paper.  Yes.  Yes it did.  Also, his little girl said her bolero jacket was itchy.  Heidi takes the comfort of her mini-models very seriously, so this is obviously a huge problem.

Tornado of toilet paper, at your service.

Janeane’s boring disaster got her sent home.  It seems to me that now all of the obviously bad designers are gone.  Now, hopefully it will get more interesting.  Anyone could go home any week.

Halloween anyone?

Now for the good news.  The judges loved Seth Aaron’s hoodie and skirt combo, calling it whimsical and fun.  He’s our winner this week!

One perfectly tailored jacket.

I really don’t know who’s in and who’s out at this point.  A lot more designers are taking risks this season, which is good.


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