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“Love Actually, Possibly, Maybe…Or Not”: Greek (S3: E15)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 22, 2010

GREEK NEWS FIRST.  The show has been renewed for a 4th season!  Season 4 will start this fall.

Rusty on the prowl for a Valentine's day date

“I want to be more than a geeky smart girl, too.”  –Rusty

It’s Valentines Day at CRU.  Cappie has promised Casey the best present ever.  No pressure.  They make a bet to see who can get the other the most romantic present.  Casey still feels guilty for burning down the Gamma Psi house and when Katherine says she’ll be spending Valentine’s Day alone, Casey goes on the hunt to set her up.  Rusty is seeking a date for KT’s Valentine’s day party.  It ain’t working.  Casey sets up Rusty and Katherine.  Yikes.  Cappie describes Katherine as “stern” and “nordic.”  Yup.  That’s about right.

Ash finds out her new hunky Omega Chi cheated on Natalie, the Gamma Psi.  Cheating is her Achilles heel after Fischer.  Also he dated Natalie.  That’s a pretty big problem in my book.

Katherine wants a predate meet Rusty before Valentine’s day.  She shows up at Dobler’s in a suit.  And it could not be more awkward between them.  Katherine admits to Casey that she thinks Rusty is suave and handsome, and she’s totally taken with him.  She’s like a twitterpated schoolgirl.  It’s nauseating.  Rusty isn’t sold on taking her to the KT party, but he promises Casey he’ll pretend to like her.

Evan’s still on the quest to make Bex believe in love.  He buys her a beautiful necklace for Valentine’s day, and she’s

Pre-date trial period

pretty taken aback.  Who knows where he got the money for it though.  When Bex realizes the seriousness of the gift, she freaks out a bit.  Starts throwing back shots, and makes out with The Beaver.

Turns out, Katherine cleans up really good.  She looks HOT for the  KT dance.  She’s totally nervous around Rusty, though.  But once they start to talk, there may be chemistry there.  She’s his overachieving type.  They’re just about to share their first kiss when Rusty lets slip that Casey bribed him to go out with her again.  Ooops.  An errant cupid’s arrow sends Katherine to the hospital.  Strong pain medication may be just what she needs to forgive Rusty.

At the Omega Chi party, Natalie shows up and starts flirting with Pete, Ash’s date.  When things get heated, Natalie screams that the ZBZs burned down their house.  But no one believes her.  They laugh, and she storms out.  Ash and Pete end up having a good time.

When it comes time to exchange gifts, Casey admits she choked and went with lingerie.  Cappie tells her a really sweet story about the quickie mart where he first fell in love with her.  [LAME GIFT!]  She swoons.

The theme of Dale’s Valentine’s Day party?  “Celibate Good Times, Come On.”  I want in.  To the party, I mean.


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