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Three college friends out in the world, filling the void with television…and loving it.

“A Valued Family”: Brothers and Sisters (S4: E15)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 23, 2010

Ogling Luc's painting

Family values indeed.  Kitty and Robert are looking forward to celebrating their ‘sexaversary’ on Valentine’s Day while the rest of the Walkers fret over what to get their significant others.  (Robert re: the sexaversary: It’s a real thing!)

The Walkers head to an art gallery.  Sarah picks out a painting that she loves and doesn’t know that it has been done by Luc, who is back in the States.

Holly gets her ducks in a row to sell all her shares of Ojai.  Jerk.

While planning her Valentine’s Day present for Justin, Rebecca feels something is wrong with the baby.  When Nora rushes her to the hospital, she learns she’s lost it.  She’s devastated.

Alec, the father that Kitty was spending time with at the park when her marriage was on the rocks, shows up at Robert’s office saying he’s been approached about his relationship with Kitty.  (He’s hardly recognizable with long, stringy hair.  Gross.)  Turns out it was just Kitty’s new campaign manager, Buffy, sniffing out a possible affair.  Kitty assures Robert she never had an affair.  Robert still hates Buffy, though.  Me too, Rob, me too.  Blonde women should be forbidden from having southern accents.  So unbecoming.

The Walkers find out Holly sold all of her shares of Ojai to a conglomerate, which makes them mad.  Really mad.  Nora approaches Holly to yell at her, but Holly says she didn’t go through with the sale because Nora was waxing poetic about family while at the hospital with Rebecca and she changed her mind.  When she tells Nora that Dennis York was behind the sale, it’s clear that Nora knows something about this sketchy figure.

How do you say 'welcome back' in French?

While exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts, Sarah and Roy realize they have nothing in common, so they mutually agree to break up.  (If only he knew she rated him a 7 in bed.  Then the breakup wouldn’t have been so amicable.)  He bought her Luc’s painting from the gallery as a gift, though.  Even though he hated it.  When she goes to return it, she finds out Luc painted it.  He’s apparently reformed, is no longer a bohemian and wants to do an honest day’s work.  [Might fast turnaround if you ask me.]  He sweeps back into Sarah’s life, and they smooch.

Kitty officially announced her campaign for Robert’s senate seat.


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