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“Hooked”: How I Met your Mother (S5: E16)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 1, 2010

Turns out country singer is not the hottest profession

Plot Summary: Tiffany (played by Carrie Underwood) has Ted on the hook.  She has a boyfriend but keeps stringing him along.  Turns out everyone has been, at one point, on someone else’s hook and is keeping someone else on their own hook.  Marshall forces Lily to get Scooter, a guy that works at her school, off of her hook by making her practice ‘breaking up’ with Barney’s teacup pig.  Ted finally breaks it off with Henrietta, a girl he’s been keeping on the hook, after he accidentally proposes.

What we learn about the mother: She’s likely not a pharmaceutical sales rep.  A girl that hot wouldn’t give Ted the time of day.

Best moment: After Barney learns that Tiffany is a pharmaceutical sales rep, he tells Ted that this profession is the current, cutting edge, hottest chick profession.  He then takes us on a montage of the historical hottest chick jobs.  First there was hot gatherer (homo erectus indeed).  Then, man started experimenting with technology, requiring hot nurse, and then hot stewardess.  All played by Carrie Underwood.  And then, man decided life sucks and he should start taking prescription drugs.  Enter hot pharmaceutical sales rep.  (Or ‘pharma girls’ as Barney calls them.)

Top 3 Quotes:

1) Barney tells Ted he’s going to take advantage of all the hot pharma girls: Side effects may include shortness of breath, loss of clothing, and sore abdominals the next morning.  What is UP?!?!

2) Robin on keeping men on the hook: Girl parts are like a spider web.  Sometimes you catch stuff you don’t want.

3) When Marshall goes to school to back Lily up when she breaks up with Scooter for good, he finds even he can’t crush Lunch Lady Scooter’s dreams forever.  Lily says: We can’t be together.  Marshall screams from across the room: For now!  Hang on Scoots, I’m not gonna be around forever!  [And so, the hook is perpetuated.]


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