Two Guys, a Girl and a TV Set

Three college friends out in the world, filling the void with television…and loving it.

“Your Friends and Neighbors”: Greek (S3: E16)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 1, 2010

The Hilgendorfs make their demands

Casey’s got her heart set on CRU Law, and Cappie’s trying to pick a major.  Casey is meeting with Toby, the political dude [er, tool], to work on her law school essays, but she’s on a tight timeline.

A new professor couple has moved in next door to KT.  The Hilgendorfs.  Big mistake.  The brothers are trying to drive them out, but Rusty wants to make nice.  The neighbor comes over with a list of demands including a noise curfew.  Rusty decides to try to absorb Tom Hilgendorf into the frat to make him be less demanding.  Turns out the nerdy prof has game.  Drinking games game.  Cappie has made Tom an honorary pledge, and he’s partying like a frat boy and not being an academic advisor to Cappie, as Rusty had hoped he would.  Rusty decides to haze him until he quits.  It works.

Pledge T-Bag

The Beave tells Cappie he slept with Bex.  When Cap confronts her, she tells him she’s worried it’s getting too serious between them.  She also already lost the necklace Evan gave her.  Don’t worry, they find it.

Grant tells Evan that Omega Chi is missing $500 from the Valentine’s party.  (Totally stolen by Evan to buy Bex the necklace.)  The brothers have all turned on each other to figure out who stole the money.  It was Evan.  I was right.

Katherine helps Casey her with her law school personal statement, as long as Casey listens to her hypothetical musings about her and Rusty’s burgeoning relationship.  Ash is jealous that Casey is spending so much time with Katherine.  Casey is also dropping the ball on things she’s committed to do with Ash, like plan a reunion for their freshman year dorm.  She’s also right that Casey’s personal statement has no Casey in it.  Casey and Ash decide they’ve grown apart.  At the reunion, they manage to reconnect.  Turns out they’re not growing apart, they’re growing up.

Casey ends up writing about their freshman year for her personal statement.  And developing feelings for Toby?


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