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“Of Course”: How I Met Your Mother (S5: E17)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 8, 2010

Just say no, you dumb slut

Plot Summary: Barney has a new woman in his life, Anita (played by JLo).  She’s the author of a self-help book for single women entitled Of Course You’re Still Single, Take a Look at Yourself, You Dumb Slut.  And, she won’t sleep with Barney.  Barney is on a mission to use her book to get her to sleep with him. Little does he know, Robin put Anita up to this because she’s still in mourning over their breakup.  Meanwhile,  Robin and Don have been hanging out with the gang, and Marshall has a man-crush on Don.  He encourages Robin to go out with Don, but she cancels.  Turns out, Robin feels like she was just a number to Barney.  Barney decides to give the Super Date he had planned for him and Anita to Don and Robin.

What We Learn about the Mother: She’s about to not be single, you dumb slut?  (Yah, I got nothing.)

Best Moment: Marshall, not realizing Robin is in mourning, breaks out into song describing all of the women Barney has slept with since they broke up.  The song goes: Bang, bang, bangity bang, bang bang bangity bang. (It’s really quite catchy.)  It comes complete with Charleston-esque dance. Ted and Lily join in.  The last time we hear this song, it’s Robin singing it after her date with Don.  Marshall accompanies her on the banjo.

Top 3 Quotes:

1) When JLo is complimenting Barney on his suit, she asks him what it’s made out of.  He says it’s made with the tiniest, softest fibers.  She continues to run her hands over him, saying she likes tiny, soft fibers.  Barney croons in his sexy voice: Mine’s the tiniest.  And the more you touch it, the softer it gets.

2) We see a clip from Robin’s interview with Anita.  The interview begins with Robin’s very pronounced, “But Um.”  An obvious throwback to “Jenkins” 4 episodes ago.  We then learn Anita’s new book is called Of Course You Don’t have a Retirement Plan, Take a Look at Yourself, You Dumb Slut.

3) When describing the “Super Date” that Barney should use to woo Anita, Ted breaks out into song describing how awesome, er… super, it will be.  (Can’t find a video right now, but trust me, it’s a good song.  Cuz lots of stuff rhymes with ‘date.’)  Barney is uncomfortable with all of the homoerotic undertones.  Who knew Josh Radnor could sing?  (Not nearly as well as NPH, but still impressive.)


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