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Three college friends out in the world, filling the void with television…and loving it.

“The Big Easy Does It”: Greek (S3: E17)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 9, 2010

Ash is ready for Mardi Gras, but Casey has to take the LSAT

Casey is taking the LSAT on Mardi Gras.  This seems like a bad idea.  Good thing she studied so hard.  (Did she study at all?  Also, since when is the LSAT not in the morning?  Or on a Tuesday?)  Casey is once again feeling like Cappie isn’t serious enough for her.  And getting sick of everyone telling her to relax.

Rusty is bringing Katherine to the KT Mardi Gras party.  Dana decides she’ll also go to the party, with Dale.  Most. Awkward. Double. Date. Ever.  But it gets better.  Katherine decides she doesn’t want to go to Yale Law a virgin, so she tells Rusty she wants to lose her virginity to him on Mardi Gras.  This makes Rusty freak because, well, what if he sucks?  Cappie points out that Katherine has nothing to compare him to.  He couldn’t possibly suck that much.  This makes him feel better.  Until Casey tells Rusty that Katherine has had 22 years to build up expectations about sex.  Casey finds out Cappie still hasn’t declared a major.  This makes HER feel worse.

When Casey goes to take her LSAT, she’s distracted by Cappie and his major debacle (heh…major, like, school) that she can’t focus.  Joel greets her after the test to see how she did, and Casey thinks she did OK after all.  Joel also has cookies and scotch for her.  Her anger at Cappie causes her to blow off the KT party and hang with Joel.  They flirt and drink, but she stops him when he tries to kiss her.

Dana is totally turned off when she founds out Rusty and Katherine are going to have sex on their second date.  He’s ‘that guy’ it seems.  But Rusty isn’t ‘that guy,’ so he has

LSAT support from Joel

second, er… like fifteenth, thoughts about having sex with Katherine.  He also finds out out that Dana is still into him.  Cuz he can’t read girl signs.

Evan bartends at Gentlemen’s Choice, the gay club, to try to make back the money he stole from the house.  Ash and Bex show up to the gay bar to dance because their men have blown them off.  Bex makes out with a stranger, and Evan ain’t having any of that.  But he lied to her when he said they couldn’t hang out, so it’s bad news beavers for both of them.  They argue, and Evan calls her ‘heartless’ and says she’s scared to be in love.  He’s probably right.  Poor Evan.  He seems to really like her.

Rusty decides to have sex with Katherine, but when she says she wants to ‘get it over with,’ he says he doesn’t want to be a part of a business transaction, so he leaves and leaves Katherine a virgin.

Cappie tells Casey that he isn’t ready to graduate (Really? Really? Even I was SO READY to leave after 4 years).  This isn’t what Casey wants to hear, so she peaces out.  Methinks we haven’t seen the last of Joel.

Next week?  We meet Cappie’s parents.  Gird your loins.


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