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Finding your Social Net-Walk: Cycle 14 is Here!

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 10, 2010

The final 13 for cycle 14

32 model-wannabes are in LA for the semifinals of cycle 14 of America’s Next Top Model.  Oh Tyra, how I’ve missed thee.  The schtick this season is social networking.  (“I have 32 friend requests? I better videochat Mr. and Ms. J.”  GROAN.)

My ears are not used to all of this high-pitched screaming again.  I need a moment.

OK.  I’m good.

The girls’ first task is to create their social networking page.  They need a profile picture of course.

Angelea from Buffalo from Cycle 12 is back.  (Remember?  “I caaaaain’t go back to Buffalo.  I caaaaaaain’t.”  And yet she did.)

The second task is to get screened for ‘social net-walking.’  Who can work a runway and who can’t?

Then, the girls get to meet Tyra in their one-on-ones with the judges.

We meet Raina, the MN girl with the huge eyebrows.

Angelea ain't in Buffalo anymore

And Jessica, the teen parent, who got married at age 16 after getting knocked up and kicked out of her Arkansas church.

And Tatianna, the volunteer mortician.  Shudder.

And Naduah whose parents belonged to a sex-crazed cult.

And Alexandra, the size-10 gorgeous plus-size girl.

12 friend requests have been declined at this point in the competition.  The girls check to see if their friend requests are still pending.  If they’ve been denied, they’re on their way home.  They sent the beautiful Pakistani girl home!  Boooo!

The remaining 20 girls get one last chance to seal their fate by doing a self-styled photo shoot.  They have to pretend to be famous super models.  Turns out some of these girls don’t know anything about super models.

Whoah, Tyra, what’s with the jacket with the shoulder fringies?  She tells the girls that she and the J’s and her could only agree on 12 girls, instead of 14.  Here are our final 12:

The MN Girl, Raina rocks her pleather

Naduah-exotic cult-girl

Jessica-teen mom


Raina-MN girl

Tatianna-morgue girl

Alexandra-plus-size beauty

Krista-24.  Grandma!

Brenda-rocking red hair

Alaisa-someone shut her up, please

Anslee-23 year old mom

Gabrielle-no idea who she is

Angelea-We so knew that was going to happen.

Tyra tells the girls that they’re going to find a 13th girl when they get to NYC, where this season will happen.  When the girls get to NYC, they meet Perez Hilton.  Tyra tells them they found Ren to be #13.  She’s a self-described ‘free spirit.’  Barf.

The girls get ‘tie over’ makeovers to make themselves fierce.  Brenda hates her new short do.  There are tears.  The girls then move into the NYC loft, and Anslee and Angelea are already bumping heads.  There is massive screaming in the house already, and Angelea and Alasia are at the center.

Next week? Nude photo shoot.  Bring it on.


2 Responses to “Finding your Social Net-Walk: Cycle 14 is Here!”

  1. Damien said

    Hey guys. So, I heard about this Pakistani girl. Sadly, I didn’t get to watch the show. Pictures or name?


  2. CJ Cregg said

    Thanks for reading! Her name was Nida, but that’s all I know.

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