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It’s Elementary: Project Runway (S7: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 12, 2010

Our designers are given the challenge of designing an outfit based on the elements: either earth, wind, air, or fire.  Our designers are really feeling the pressure.  Even Anthony is quiet in the workroom.

This is a dumb challenge and a boring episode.  Also, it was way too predictable.  Step it up, Lifetime.

Ben is getting lots of face time.  This probably does not bode well for his future on the show.

Even Seth Aaron is at the end of his rope as their time draws to a close.  It’s a true ‘make it work’ moment for all of our designers.

Amy is making a dress with a half moon shape.  She wants this dress’s front to catch the model’s hair.  It just looks like her model has hairy boobs.  Fail.

Now add the frizzy blonde hair in the pouch. SHUDDER.

Maya’s dress did evoke water, even though I’d never wear it.  Jay’s dress also looked like a tornado, so I guess he got what he was going for.  Ben’s suit was a disaster.  Jonathan’s ‘air’ dress was angelic.  Amy’s dress was wrong on every level.  This was a risk that should not be rewarded.  Emilio’s dress fit great, but it looked kind of like a log.

Maya's water dress

Jay, Emilio, and Anthony finish in the middle this week.

Mila’s outfit was safe, normal, which the judges didn’t love.  Michael calls her a ‘one trick pony.’  Amy’s dress was way too weird for the judges.  Heidi called it ‘a cat in a baby sling.’  Michael Kors said the model looked like a barmaid serving her hair.  Ben’s suit trouser looked like she was wearing underwear over her pants.  He’s toast.

The designers are really taken with Jonathan’s romantic, blush gown.  He’s our winner this week.  And here I was all down on him last week.  Mila squeaks by, making Amy and Ben our bottom two.  After a longer pause than usual with our drumbeat music, Ben is out.

Jonathan's airy dress

Thus ends the most boring episode of Project Runway perhaps ever.  Thank goodness.


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