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“Camp Buy Me Love”: Greek (S3: E18)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 15, 2010

Hippie spawn

Rusty: I seem to find myself dating two girls.

Beaver: …and that’s….not enough?

Casey and Cappie have barely spoken since Mardi Gras.  He brings her flowers to ‘apollengize.’  She’s not quite ready to forgive him.

Ashleigh tells Rusty that he blew it with Katherine because he ran out on her.  This gives him the green light to date Dana.  He asks Dana out.  Turns out Ash was wrong.  Katherine still wants to be with Rusty and calls him sensitive for not wanting to have sex.  He can’t tell her he asked Dana out, so he makes plans with her for the same night.  She has to run because she’s late for her Hierarchy and Hegemony seminar.  Irony not lost on me.

Evan’s depressed Bex cheated on him.  He and Casey have a study date where they talk about their relationship problems.  He’s sad about the necklace, so Calvin and Evan plan an escapade to go steal the necklace back.  Dale lets them in to ZBZ.

Casey tries to get Cappie to speak seriously about his major debacle, but they get interrupted by Cappie’s

The chosen girl

parents dropping in.  April and Tobias are quite the hippies.  They want to go camping to talk about Cappie’s future, so Casey is in.  (As someone who lives in an area populated by hippies, no hippies have hair as shiny and nice as April.)  Pass the soy mores please.  Cappie’s parents want him to enjoy the lifelong process of learning and not rush his trip through CRU.  April says the 4-year system is a ‘bourgeois construct.’  Casey dies a little inside.

Ash isn’t sold on Beaver’s dating advice.  She tells Rusty he should date Dana, not Katherine.  Katherine’s devastated when Rusty tells her he can’t go out with her.  How many Greeks out there are also geeks?  (A: Lots at NU.)  Her parting speech about nerdiness is really touching, so Rusty has second thoughts about breaking up with her.  In her 80s movie haze, Ash decides maybe Rusty is right and Katherine is his true match.

The ZBZ infiltrator

During a heart-to-heart with April, Casey learns that Cappie moved around so much as a kid that the KT house is the only home he’s ever really had.  April says Cappie’s going to need her because she and Cappie’s dad are splitting up.  Job opportunities are taking them in different directions.  Ironic.  ‘Some love stories are short stories,’ April says.

When Rusty goes to apologize to Katherine, he runs into Evan hitting on her.  Evan.  ‘The Preppy Jackass’ of the 80s movies.  Evan punches Rusty.  Bah.  The preppy jackass strikes again.  After being punched by Evan, Rusty realizes that Katherine isn’t his perfect match.  He apparently got the sense knocked back into him.  But now he has to go apologize to Dana.  Luckily, she’s willing to be swept off her feet.

Casey’s talk with Cappie’s mom has apparently got her thinking.  She tells Cappie she’ll stop trying to change him, and they’ll worry about graduation in May.  But she realizes that she and Cappie weren’t built to last.  They’re supposed to be together for a short time, while she’s in college.  But she’s sad as she tells Ash this, so I don’t thinks he’s sold on this turn of events.


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