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In the Nude: ANTM (S14: E2)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 19, 2010

[Get it, like ‘In the Mood’?]

WHO will be eliminated TONIGHT?  Nah nah nah nah nah nah!  Our 13 finalists are kicking it in  New York  hoping to join the Top Model network.

Their first photo shoot will feature them selling one item of clothing.  And only one.  And that’s all they wear.  Most of the girls did OK, except for Gabrielle, who has sleepy eyes.  No smizing here.  Alasia also was a big flop.  Krista also couldn’t get anything going in her eyes.  And dead eyes are a death knell in top model.

They flew through the photo shoot.  And now its time for judging.  There is a massive silence when the judges see Gabrielle’s picture.  (Chirp chirp)  That ain’t a good thing.  Jessica was also one of the judges’ faves.  The judges hate Alasia’s picture.  Cue waterworks.  Of course, they are laughing at her, so that’s a bit mean.  She did look ridiculous in her picture, though.

Um, yah, that's backwards, Alasia...

So who has the best picture this week to be displayed in their home as digital art?  Jessica!  Our runner-up for best photo is Angelea.  Tyra hands out some pictures.  There are huge, heaving, relieved sighs.  Blah blah blah.  You know the drill.

Jessica's best picture of the week

Alasia and Gabrielle find themselves in the bottom two.  Cuz their pictures sucked.  Alasia remains.  Cuz she’s the drama in the house.  Gabrielle is the first casualty of cycle 14.  And justifiably so.  She looks TERRIFIED in her picture.  And not in a cute, coy way.

Scared, Gabrielle?

But we still have half an episode to go.  So there must be a challenge.

Naduah starts spinning tales about being approached to model for Playboy and being homeless.  Raina ain’t buying it.

The remaining 12 go to an old house for some runway training with Ms. J.  They learn how to take a coat off while walking.  While learning about pacing, they cross the busy New York street while everyone else creeps from the window.  [LOVE the Man on the Street interviews they did while the girls were walking, though.  “It’s like 20 degrees outside.  Those girls need to put some clothes on.”]

Elegant Brenda

Then its time for their first runway challenge for fashion designer Rachel Roy.  Craziest runway ever?  There are pendulums swinging and they have to keep perfect timing.  Simone gets hit on her first pass down the runway.  Krista and Jessica also have to do some quick maneuvering to avoid getting hit.  Alexandra falls down the stairs, pulled it together, and then got hit by the pendulum and got KNOCKED OFF THE RUNWAY.  Trainwreck.

Brenda wins the challenge.

Alasia has another screaming meltdown in the house.  I don’t even know who she’s fighting with, but its out of control.  What the heck is her problem?  And why for pete’s sake hasn’t she lost her voice from screaming so much?

In this 90-minute episode, the girls do another photo shoot, this time for a fragrance where they deal with rain and wind.  Alasia sucks again.  She looks like a drowned rat.  Naduah also looked awkward.  Mr. Jay says Raina was his favorite of the day.

Ren says she is unwilling to give up her sanity for modeling tearfully.  She’s cracking under the pressure, despite being one of the best girls.

So now we’re back at judging.  Wow.  Tyra has to give the same ‘you know our judges’ speech TWICE in ONE episode?  That’s insane.  [Clearly they just slapped two episodes together into one 90-minute episode.]  The judges don’t like Brenda’s picture.  They do like Krista’s, though.  They don’t like Angelea’s either.  So it seems like the ranks have yet to stabilize.  The girls are all still all over the place.  Raina’s is definitely the best picture in this photo shoot.

Raina’s picture is the best photo of the bunch and will be displayed in their home as digital art.  (We hear Tyra awkwardly enunciate ‘digital art’ TWICE in one episode.  Lucky us.)

Raina isn't joking around

Ren and Naduah are in the bottom two.  Naduah because she’s trying to do classic poses instead of embracing her ‘edgy self’, and Ren because she got all whiny and made excuses at the photo shoot.  I anticipated both of them sticking around for longer, but I hope Naduah goes home.  Ren does get to stay, which makes Alasia burst into tears.  But I’m not sure she really wants to be here.

Naduah is conventional and headed home

Next week I’ll drop my predictions.  Need to get to know the girls a bit more before I decide who my top 3 will be.


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