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Three college friends out in the world, filling the void with television…and loving it.

“Say Cheese”: How I Met Your Mother (S5: E18)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 22, 2010

Barney strikes his famous pose while Ted makes out with another one of his skanks

Plot Summary: It’s Lily’s birthday, and she is ready to celebrate.  She gets a camera for her birthday, and is seeking the perfect shot of their group.  When Ted shows up to her dinner with his new girlfriend, Lily ain’t feeling it.  Ted always brings his random girlfriends that last about 2 weeks to important celebrations, and they ruin the pictures in Lily’s precious scrapbook.  After walking down memory lane in the scrapbook and remembering how Ted invited Lily into their very first picture, she lets Ted’s random girlfriend back into the picture.

What we Learn about the Mother: She wouldn’t be invited to this party.  It’s a very exclusive family.

Best Moment: Barney is apparently unable to take a bad picture.  Robin notices that he has the same pose and face in all of Lily’s scrapbook photos.  Making the Barney face and touching his tie.  Robin then tries to get him to look silly or stupid.  She tries to get him eating a chip with dip, taking his coat off, and bending over.  Each time he does, she snaps the picture and screams: GOT IT!  Barney replies quizzically: Did you though?   Each time, it’s the same picture of him touching his tie.  She finally gets him caught in a sneeze, though.

Top 3 Quotes:

1) While setting up her camera to get the group shot for her previous year’s birthday, Lily keeps moving Barney and Robin apart.  Robin accuses: You don’t want barney and i to look like a couple. Lily replies: Of course I don’t!  We all know it’s not going to last.  I’m going for timeless here.

2) When discussing Ted’s army of ‘she could be the one’ skanks that ruin Lily’s pictures, he reminds Lily that Robin used to be one of his skanks.  Lily replies: She’s the skanky exception not the skanky rule.  Robin: HEY!

3) During a flashback of one of the crazies Ted brought to one of Marshall’s party: His hippie girlfriend threw red paint at the waiter and screamed ‘Meat is murder!’  Ted notes: OK, I admit it that Strawberry was a mistake.  But how was I supposed to know that going in?  The group yells: HER NAME WAS STRAWBERRY!


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