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“The First Last”: Greek (S3: E19)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 22, 2010

Excited to compete for ZBZ

6 weeks till graduation!  And it’s time to start experiencing the first of the lasts.  (I totally remember the feeling.)

The CRU administration has canceled Greek Week, which devastates the ZBZs because they can’t beat the Gamma Psis by earning more blue ribbon points.  Katherine knows there used to be a beauty pageant alongside the Greek God competition, so there might be a chance to get the admin to let the sororities have one more opportunity to earn points.

Time for the ZBZs to pick a girl to represent them in the pageant.  The house decides to go with Casey.  Bex is BITTER.

Rusty and Evan are still on the rocks, which is harming Cappie and Rusty’s relationship.  Cappie and Rusty get kidnapped before the big golf tournament.  When they escape, they continue to argue and separate off into the woods to find their way home.  Casey manages to pick them both up on road, while she contemplates letting Bex compete instead of her.  Turns out, the KT pledges kidnapped Cappie and Rusty to pull a legendary prank.  It wasn’t the Omega Chis.  They’re idiots.

DALE has been hooking up with LAURA?!?  But they don’t want anyone to know.  They’re keeping it secret

Feeling weird about his secret relationship?

with rendezvous(es?) in the pantry.  When he says he wants their relationship to be public, she says no, so he announces to the house they’ve broken up and he’s back on the market.  SHAZAAAM.

When the Gamma Psis ruin Casey’s pageant gown, Bex gets her chance to compete.  Bex looks wicked amazing.  But the Omega Chis start calling out ‘slut’ and ‘tramp’ as she walks down the runway.  Evan tries to stop them, but it’s clear Bex is shaken up.

During a heart-to-heart backstage, Bex says she wanted to prove that she didn’t care how people saw her.  She feels bad for letting down the house, and says she still has feelings for Evan.  Casey assures her she is strong and the perfect choice for the competition.  (This was a great scene!)  This episode has massive Casey/Bex and Cappie/Rusty bonding time.

During the Q & A portion of the pageant, Bex riffs on the word ‘hypocrisy’ to explain the double standard facing women.  She says that everyone is human and makes mistakes.  She also apologizes to Evan.  Cue inspirational music and massive applause.

Evan wins the Greek God of Golf trophy.  BEX WINS for ZBZ!  Evan and Bex crowned God and Goddess of Greek Life.  How perfect.  Except that she’s pissy with him on stage and he stomps off.  Will she ever change?  Is she EVER sincere?  Personal trauma aside, ZBZ is once again the #1 house on campus!

Because Cappie didn’t get to compete in the golf tourney, he challenges Evan to a tournament of night golf with the Spring Break beach house on the line.  Cappie gives Rusty the chance to play, just like Casey gave Bex the opportunity to compete.  Except that Rusty doesn’t win, he totally misses the shot.  Except not really, because it was all part of the plan.  Now KT needs to get revenge.  Rusty is crowned the new ‘Revenge Chair.’  Seems healthy.

Grant and Calvin break up because Grant wants to know what it’s like to be single.  It’s sad, but Grant’s uber-gay mantra was getting old, and Calvin deserves better.  He seems pretty sad about it.

Next week?  Season finale.  It’s Spring Break!  And is Cappie going to PROPOSE?


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