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“All Children… Grow Up”: Greek (S3: E20)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 29, 2010

Casey mulls over law school

Casey is waiting for her law school acceptances as Spring Break approaches.  She’s been rejected from lots of places, but finds out she got into George Washington in DC!  She’s super excited, but Cappie isn’t.

Calvin has been nominated for Omega Chi president.  Campaign season starts after Spring Break.  He’s running against the annoying red haired kid.

ZBZ Nationals is requiring a live-in house mom next year.  Job for Ashleigh?  Or for Casey when she starts thinking about how hard law school is gonna be?

Casey gets a letter from CRU Law just as the bus leaves for Spring Break.  It’s a small envelope, so the mail lady tells her she probably didn’t get in.  She opens the letter, but we don’t know whether or not she got in.  (The size of the letter isn’t a science.  Most of my grad school letters were small.  There may be hope for Casey.)

When the Omega Chis check into the beach house they ‘won’ from KT, a muscle bound mafia man threatens them with a gun.  They immediately know that the KTs were behind it, but have to find another place to stay.

While at the bar, fashion consultants approach Ash to take pictures of her clothes.  She thinks they want to put her in porn, so she storms off, but Bex recognized the fashion consultants and tells her that being a trend forecaster is a real job.  Now Ash is on the hunt to find the fairy jobmother and beg for a job.

Casey starts talking about deferring law school for a year, saying that she loves her life at ZBZ and with Cappie, so she’ll

To get back together with Bex or not?

apply for the job as the housemother.

Bex can’t ‘vacate,’ saying she misses Evan too much.  She runs into him, and in a cute, nervous display says she misses him and wants a second chance.  Evan says he can’t forget what she did, and doesn’t want to try again.  Calvin tries to convince him otherwise.

Rusty gets caught paying off the mafia lookalike by the Omega Chis.  But when the Omega Chis come to take the beach house back, cops crash the party.  The Omega Chis are in trouble with Nationals so they could lose their charter and their house back in CRU.  Calvin talks the cops out of writing them a ticket, making a strong case for his presidential nomination.  This was, of course, all staged by Rusty and KT.

Ash runs into the fashion consultant again and gives her a very sweet speech about fashion and trendsetting.  The fairy jobmother gives her an internship in New York.  When she tells Casey, Casey asks her if she’s scared, and Ash says Casey inspired her to go after what she wanted.  Turns out, Casey did get into CRU Law.

In the midst of his drunken stupor, Dale admits to being really lonely and wanting a girl.

In the midst of freaking out about law school, Casey seeks advice from Rusty, who tells her that everyone grows up.

Evan delivers a quasi-heartfelt (if poorly delivered) speech about blaming his parents and pride to Bex as a sign he’s changed his mind about being with her.  She reminds him she’s ‘a mess.’  They decide to be messes together (or something) and kiss happily as the music swells.

During a walk on the beach, Cappie lavalieres Casey.  Casey tells Cappie that if she stayed in Cypress, she’d be staying because she was scared to move on and she wants them to move forward together.  Cappie says he’s not moving to Washington, and that there’s no reason for them to stay together if they’re just going to break up at the end of the year.

Shot of Casey crying as the credits begin.  Guess we’re going to have to wait another season to see the end of this melodramatic school year.


3 Responses to ““All Children… Grow Up”: Greek (S3: E20)”

  1. Andrea said

    wait… when do we find out she got into CRU law… so don’t remember that!

  2. CJ Cregg said

    We learn that when she and Ash have that heart-to-heart at the end. They’re talking and they both say, ‘please, it’s a sorority, not the CIA.’ Ash says she already knew Casey got into CRU Law and Casey says the only reason she’d be staying at CRU is because she’s scared.

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