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Styling and Textiling: Project Runway (S7: E9)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 29, 2010

Rocking chains

It’s creativity time!  Our designers will be creating and designing their own textile to form the base of their next garment.  Their textile will be digitally printed.  (Insert massive ad for Intel and HP.  Yawn.)  The designers use paintbrushes on touchscreen computers.  It’s pretty amazing to watch, actually.  They also have this GIGANTIC printer that spits out test sheets of their designs.

All of the designers’ textiles look really stunning.  They’ve vibrant and gorgeous.  Except that Emilio tried to spell out ESOSA and no one can read it.  Maya’s struggling, though, because she doesn’t often work with prints.  Emilio calls Mila’s dress a ‘big, white, teepee.’

Many of our designers have used a black base and their prints as accent pieces.

LOVE Heidi’s huge chain necklace on the runway.  Awesome.

Michael and Nina are back.  And Nina looks surly as ever.

Seth made a jacket out of his pop-art print.  It’s pretty chic.  I love Jonathan’s print, but the dress is boring.  I like how Maya’s dress came out.  Really didn’t like Emilio’s jacket, but his dress was pretty.  Mila’s dress was stiff and her model couldn’t walk.  Bad news.  Anthony’s dress wasn’t bad, and it WAS purple, but it was nothing special.  Jay’s jacket and pant combo popped on the runway.

The judges love Emilio’s look.  His signature look and unexpected juxtaposition of graffiti and 1940s French fashion were inspired.

The judges hate Mila’s print.  Michael says it’s a Mexican sarape, gay flag.

Gay teepee?

Anthony’s dress wasn’t creative enough.  The judges think he’s one note.

The judges laud Seth Aaron for impeccable tailoring and a charming print.  He never loses his personality.

Michael is intrigued by Maya’s dress.  He calls it ‘romantic warrior.’  Her print is the judge’s favorite.

The judges say Jonathan’s print looks like a dirty tablecloth.  And his jacket looked like a strait jacket.  And here he thought he was gonna win.

Dirty dishrag?

Emilio is this week’s winner.  Mila also squeaks by, meaning Anthony and Jonathan are this week’s bottom two.  Since Jonathan has gotten so much face time, I think he’s headed home.  Except that I’m wrong.  Anthony is out for his simple cocktail dress.  Always better to take the risk I guess.

I guess I never really made predictions for this season.  I think our final 3 in Bryant Park will be:

Seth Aaron



I realize this is cheap coming so late in the season.  But whatever.  Don’t say I didn’t predict.


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