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Vamping it Up: ANTM (S14: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on April 4, 2010

Anslee flashes a cheesy smile

Spring Break took me away from my blogging duties for awhile, but I have returned and promptly sealed my brain-rotting break with last week’s episode of top model.

The girls join the Upright Citizens Brigade for some improv.  They suck.

Tyra decides Brenda’s ‘edgy’ haircut makes her look like the soccer mom that she is.  So she has someone recut it even shorter.  Bahahaha.  Take that, Brenda!

For this week’s challenge, the ladies do a 30 second live commercial broadcast on the jumbotron of Time Square.  They look like stereotypical model-idiots waving bottles of CoverGirl foundation all over and flashing their denture commercial smiles.  Tatianna wins for doing a hair flip.  Which is different.  And significantly less boring than all the others girl were.

Anslee and Alasia get into it because Alasia called her a bad mom.  There are a lot of stupid bitches in this group, but Alasia is the common denominator.  EVERY fight includes her.

For their photo shoot, the girls are vampires with a big tub of blood.  But that would be too normal for Tyra.  So she gives them whiteout contacts that totally obscure their vision.  Cuz blood and fangs is never enough.  Brenda whines because she’s never put anything in her eye before and can’t get the contacts in.  All the girls did decently in their photo shoot.

First of all, ANOTHER jump suit, Tyra?  Seriously?  What are you doing?

Alasia won for the second week in a row for best picture:

Alasia looks skanky, IMHO

I think Raina’s picture was the best, for the second week in a row.  (Stop rigging it so the black girls win, Tyra!)

Raina is the REAL best picture this week

Anslee and Simone are in the bottom two for not being able to push through their photos.  Simone gets eliminated.  (NOOOOOOO I HATE ANSLEE!)  Also, that marks the first of my predictions to be eliminated.  One week after I made the predictions.  Go me.

Simone's losing picture lacked intensity


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