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Faking It: ANTM (S14: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on April 8, 2010

Seducing him??

This time, we start the episode with tears.  Anslee misses her baby, blah blah blah.  I swear we should certify people before they can become parents.

Tyra (via TyraMail of course) tells our models they’re going to learn about chemistry.  When they get to the challenge, Ms. Jay tells them they’re going to work with a male model and practice breaking the ice.  The male model turns out to be Nigel.  Angelea dances for him.  Wow. As if she were on a pole. Jessica puts on a frat boy show, oozing all over Nigel.  So awkward to watch.  She starts to undress him.  Make it stop.  Like, now.  Please.  (Tyra, I don’t like it when you make me beg.)

Next, they meet Ann from Seventeen who tells them Nigel will be shooting them in a photoshoot challenge with comedian Ross Matthews.  They have to make the (lack of) chemistry believable.  But heaven forbid this be a normal photoshoot so the girls have to wear skimpy lingerie.  Most of these girls have no idea what it means to look sexy.  Despite her inability to have a conversation with Nigel, Jessica is our winner this week.  Anslee fumes because ‘she had a real connection to this random comedian.’  Can we get rid of her?  Now?  Please?  Tyra pleeeeeease?  (Again with the begging.  Poor form, Tyra.)

For the photoshoot, the girls will be in ‘fake everything’ to raise awareness for the money the fashion industry loses due to knockoff products.  They look craaaaaazy.

Tatianna sucked it up.  Raina once again smartly worked with her makeup and outfit.  I like her.  A sensible Minnesota girl.  Jessica also really rocked it.  Anslee really had no idea what was going on.  But she thought she did great, as per usual.  Alexandra is having a severe crisis of confidence.

The judges like Krista’s picture.

Fake Krista

They think Alexandra could have done a lot better.

Unfortunately, the judges also like Anslee’s picture a lot.

Fake Anslee

The judges LOVE Angelea’s picture.

Fake Angelea

Jessica’s picture was full of energy.

Fake Jessica

The judges also really like Alasia’s picture.

Fake Alasia (erm, like always)

The best photo this week was Jessica.  Runner up was Angelea.  Tatianna and Alexandra are in the bottom two.  Alexandra squeaks by, making Tatianna this week’s casualty.  (Good, I like her way better than Tatianna.)

Fake Tatianna for the loss

Crazy things Tyra did in this episode:

  • Wore another jump suit–this time with huge 80s lapels.
  • Talked about herself ad nauseum when introducing the judges
  • Spoke French really terribly (pretty sure she was making up words)

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