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The Greatest Show on Earth: Project Runway (S7: E11)

Posted by CJ Cregg on April 12, 2010

Center of the ring, Tim Gunn!

Time for the final challenge for our five designers.  Those remaining after this challenge are headed to Bryant Park.

Heidi sends the designers to a tent, but not a fashion week tent, a circus tent.  Their challenge is to create a high-end runway look inspired by the circus.

The designers feel the pressure.  “Come hard or go home,” Emilio says.  (Erm, really?  Want to rephrase that, Sosa?)

Most of our designers have selected stripes for their textiles.  Both Mila and Emilio are making jackets.

“Last chance to wow the judges;” “have to bring the heat;” blah blah blah.

Jay’s coat looks “Michael Jackson” to the other designers.  May he rest in peace.  MJ, not Jay.  Unless he gets eliminated tonight.

Anthony made a gown, as per usual.  It was interesting.  Not altogether bad or

Is Jay being predictable?

good.  Until I found out it was polyester.  Then it became horrible.  Emilio’s dress was dramatic and well made.  Seth Aaron’s coat was undeniably him and well tailored.

2 of our designers are out tonight.  The judges are appalled that Anthony made his dress out of $300 of polyester.  She looks like ‘a big blue condom,’ Michael Kors says.  Nina isn’t crazy about Mila’s outfit.  The judges LOVE Emilio’s dress.  Michael says it’s his favorite garment of the season.  I agree and apologize that I could not find a picture to paste in.  You can see the dress here.

So, who’s in and who’s out?

Emilio is in and going to Bryant Park.  So is Seth Aaron.

Seth Aaron does circus chic

Anthony needs to mature as a designer, Heidi says, so he’s out.

A blue condom? Oh no!

Mila is in, meaning Jay is out.  Or does it?  Heidi says both of them have the potential to wow the judges.  Both of them will design collections, but only one of them will get the opportunity to show at fashion week.  (Yawn.  We’ve seen this before.)

Mila's mediocre coat


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