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“Zoo or False”: HIMYM (S5: E19)

Posted by CJ Cregg on April 14, 2010

On set of Robin's show

Plot Summary: Marshall tells the gang he got mugged.  Turns out it wasn’t a scary bad guy, it was the monkey in the central park zoo that stole his wallet.  Or so says Marshall so that Lily won’t buy a gun.  Robin wants to interview Marshall on her show about the mugging.  Ted thinks he’s lying about the monkey because he keeps changing his story.  While on the set of Robin’s show, Marshall can’t go through with the interview.  They never find out what really happened to his wallet.  Yup.  That’s all that happened.  Stupid, I know.

What We Learn About the Mother: Nothing.  This was a stupid episode.

Best Moment: Ted wants to find out if Marshall is lying about the monkey story.  They stare at each other about 2 inches apart across the table at MacLaren’s.  Barney asks: Ted, is he lying?  Ted, not breaking the eyelock, says: I can’t tell, but he smells really good.

Top Three Moments:

1) Barney repeats everything Marshall says when telling the first story of how he got mugged by a scary bad guy.  Barney says: I’m rehearsing.  I want to use this story later to get sympathy sex.  Marshall: That won’t work.  [pause]  Will it?  Lily nods.  Marshall replies: Then I’ll allow it.

2) When discussing the monkey mugging, Lily asks: Maybe he was just curious.  Were you wearing a yellow hat?

3) When Marshall is on Robin’s show, Ted shows up with his model of the Empire State Building.  He says that Marshall won’t be able to go through with the interview if he is in fact lying.  Ted: When he backs out, I want to be there with a story…or rather 102 stories…which is how tall this building is.

102 stories


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