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Let’s Hear it for New York: ANTM (S14: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on April 20, 2010

Wannabes at the party

A house divided cannot stand.  (Er, a house full of models cannot stand?  Ever?)  We have 2 cliques: Krista, Alasia, Anslee, and Angelea (aka, the people I don’t like), and Jessica, Raina, and Brenda (the people I mostly like).  Apparently Alasia takes too long of showers and made them all late.

For their challenge, the girls meet Ann Shokett of Seventeen who teaches them to dress for their proportions.  They have to dress their body type (and how do you dress that nose, Ms. Shokett?  Wow.  That was mean even for me.)  Turns out most of them don’t know what their body type is.  And then they get to keep their clothes.  Yay.

Angelea flips out that Brenda calls her uneducated.  She went to the best community college in Buffalo. So clearly that she ain’t uneducated.

The girls get an invite to celebrate Tinsley Mortimer’s new handbag line at a launch party.  (Cross promotion much,

Nicole looking perfectly diminutive

CW?)  She’ll be judging their style and personality.  For all her big mouth, Alasia freezes up at the party because she doesn’t know what say to industry types.  Tinsley quizzes them on their favorite designers and styles.  The challenge winner is Jessica and she gets to be in a Seventeen photo shoot.  Jessica’s on a roll.

What do we learn when the girls get back to the house?  Tyra should soundproof the little confessional room where the girls go to whine to the camera.

For their photoshoot, the girls will do their first Covergirl shoot in the subway.  (Tyra, did you shut down Grand Central station so you could do your little photoshoot?)  Nicole, last cycle’s winner, tells the girls to stay classy.  Guuuuurl, these wannabes don’t know what class is.

The girls are dressed as New York women.

Krista is an aspiring actress.


Anslee is an artist.

Smirking Anslee

Alexandra is the Upper East Sider.

Nevermind that this type of woman would never be on the subway in the first place

Raina is the East Village rockabilly.  But she lost her neck in the photoshoot.

Jessica is a club girl.  But she can’t stand up in the train.

Lost, drunk, high?

Angelea is a fashionista.  Mr. Jay says she was poised and confident.

Brenda is supposed to be a student.  (Oh.My.Gawd. Tyra, students do not dress like that.)

Alasia is a model.  Except she’s not being pretty.  At all.  Mr. Jay says she didn’t get a single good shot because she wasn’t taking it seriously.

Alasia's pic is awful

Tyra is wearing another jumpsuit when the girls show up to judging.  One of the judges says Jessica’s shoes are skanky.  And the judges didn’t like her photo.  Turns out she can do wrong.  Brenda looked like a mannequin.  And not in a good way.  The judges loved Anslee’s picture.  And it was good.  Nigel loves Alexandra’s picture and says its her best shot to date.  This was Angelea’s best picture ever.  Probably because she didn’t look like herself and her face didn’t look like a horse’s face.

Tyra mimics bouncing around on a subway when the judges have reached their decision.  Cray cray.

Best picture of the week?  Angelea. (BOOOOOOOOOO!)

Pretty picture of an awful girl

Second best? Krista.  Brenda and Alasia are in the bottom two.  Tyra says Alasia has the gift of dance.  (Um, what?)  Alasia gets to stay provided she embrace that gift.  She does this stupid fist pump crying thing.  Which means the crew of nice girls in the house is dwindling fast.

Brenda probably should go home for this awful pic


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