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The Problems with Brothers and Sisters

Posted by CJ Cregg on April 23, 2010


I’m fed up with this show.  And this from me, who has championed Sally Field et al for their realistic and raw portrayals of family life.

However, if the season wasn’t almost over, and if I didn’t tend to feel incredibly loyal to all shows I watch, I’d probably stop watching.

Here’s my major diagnosis of the problem: the show moves too fast.  Plotlines appear and are dispensed with far too quickly.  There is rarely a plot or problem that lasts longer than 2 episodes.  For example:

  • Rebecca’s miscarriage.  She was sad for 2 episodes and now she’s fine?  I don’t think that’s how it works.
  • Aaron, the paralyzed teenager from Kevin’s past?  In the last episode, he forgave Nora for keeping this secret from him and seems to have moved on.

Another problem?  The show is inconsistent.  Kitty is supposed to be campaigning for Robert’s Senate seat and we haven’t seen her campaigning or so much as talking with her campaign manager in the last 4 or 5 episodes.  Too much going on.

Frankly, I’m not sure the writers and producers even have any idea of where this show is going.  Aimless, directionless shows do not appeal to me.  Moreover, Brothers and Sisters, I’ve claimed in the past, was the show that always knew what it was and focused on developing characters and plots.  They’ve done away with that recipe for success by moving at a break-neck speed and it isn’t working for me.  I’m ready for this show to be over.  How about you?


4 Responses to “The Problems with Brothers and Sisters”

  1. Mr. Feeny said

    Definitely agree with you again, even on the “extreme show loyalty” bit. But, I think you meant miscarriage not abortion.

    If you thought things were moving too fast and without explanation this season, wait until next year. I hear B&S is pulling a Desperate Housewives over the summer…

  2. CJ Cregg said

    Ooops, yes. My mistake. Will fix it…

  3. CJ Cregg said

    On the plus side. I’m sort of happy that my favorite shows are pissing me off so I actually have something to blog about…

  4. CJ Cregg said

    And re: Desperate Housewives. OMG. I haven’t watched that show regularly in over a year, but I watched the last five minutes of last week’s and had NO idea what was going on. Talk about crazy intense.

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