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East and West: Friday Night Lights (S4: E1)

Posted by CJ Cregg on May 7, 2010

Confronting the East Dillon Lions

Clear eyes, full hearts!  FNL is back on NBC for season 4.  For those of you lucky people who have DirecTV and have already seen this whole season, shhhhh!  Don’t ruin it for me.

I don’t really remember what happened last season, but now it’s August, and Dillon has been divided into 2 high schools: East and West.  Coach Taylor is now the coach of the East Dillon Lions.

Time to meet the new East Dillon Lions.  Seems like a rough, undisciplined bunch.  My grandma could run tires better than they can.  Good thing they have Coach Taylor to whip them into shape.  The only familiar face here is Landry who is hoping to get some playing time.  Or just lives in the bad part of town.  Cue inspirational speech by Coach telling them to work harder.

The cops bring a troubled teenager to Coach Taylor to see if he can get him out of trouble by channeling his energy into football.  I think we have a new Smash Williams.

Tami Taylor is now the principal at West.  Methinks this is gonna be a problem between her and the Coach.  Coach is trying to filch assistant coaches from West Dillon.

The Men in Red

College life doesn’t seem to be agreeing with Tim Riggins.  Matt is at Dillon Tech and struggling to get people to understand his artistic point of view.  He’s still dating Julie and delivering pizza.  And not happy about it.  Billy is mad at Riggins for slacking off in college.  His wife is expecting, so he wants Tim to grow up and get out.

Tensions are incredibly high in Dillon as parents angry about subpar Dillon East yell at Tami, new teammates brawl on the field, the Riggins brothers go at it, and Matt and JD have a confrontation at a party.

Julie tells her family she wants to go to East Dillon.  Tami ain’t having it.

And now it’s Friday!  Cue inspirational speech by Coach about the transformative potential of football.  He teaches his new team the chant!  “Clear eyes, full hearts, CAN’T LOSE!”  (Awesome moment, btw.)  We see shots of the two different football games.  The hopping stands at West Dillon and the bare bleachers at East Dillon.  The East Dillon Lions are getting pummeled in their first game.  They’re losing 45-0 at the half.  Coach Taylor comes out to forfeit the game because his players are bruised and bloody.  CRAZY.

Kyle Chandler was once again fantastic.  I love the ownership he takes of his team.  The intensity.  And there was FOOTBALL in this episode!  FNL is at its best when it foregrounds football.  The scrappy talent of the East Dillon Lions vs. the polished perfection of the West Dillon Panthers is a story line we’ve seen before, but I can’t WAIT to see it play out this season.  I do wish I knew where Lyla and Tyra were, though.  In this episode, we met some new characters that it should be interesting to get to know as well.  I have to admit, I was really skeptical about NBC renewing this show after a mediocre last season and its core cast supposedly graduating.  But maybe it’s just cuz I missed this show, I am looking forward to this season!


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