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“Robots vs. Wrestlers”: How I Met Your Mother (S5: E22)

Posted by CJ Cregg on May 10, 2010

Is the gang drifting apart?

Plot Summary: Barney has 5 tickets to “Robots vs. Wrestlers.”  He gets a ticket for Robin, but she wants to work on her relationship with Don, so she’s out.  Barney thinks everyone is leaving him.  Marissa Heller used to live in Ted’s apartment before he and Marshall, and they always get her mail.  She gets an invite to a swanky party, which the gang decides to crash before Robots vs. Wrestlers, with Lily pretending to be Marissa (until they meet the real Marissa, which Ted is totally in love with).  The party is stuffy and pretentious and Barney is really hurt when Ted says he wants to stay instead of going to Robots vs. Wrestlers.  Barney thinks the gang is breaking up.  Lily assures him it isn’t and she and Marshall make a pact not to have kids until they reach a major landmark of seeing all 5 doppelgangers.

What We Learn About the Mother: Nada.  Or in the spirit of Ted’s dramatic reading of Dante’s Inferno, non sono niente.

Best Moment: At Robots vs. Wrestlers, we see our fourth doppelganger of the season!  Mexican wrestler Ted!  [OK, the only reason this is the best moment is because I called it.  Photo forthcoming.]

Top 3 Quotes:

1) Barney tells the gang about Robots vs. Wrestlers and Ted gets all excited.  Barney asks: You’ve heard of Robots vs. Wrestlers?  Ted replies: No, but I assume it’s some kind of sporting events that pits robots [beat] versus wrestlers.

2) Upon finally seeing Marissa Heller, Marshall remarks: Her teeth look really nice.  She must be remembering to go to the dentist even without all the reminder postcards.

3) Will Shortz of New York Times crossword puzzle fame is at the party the gang crashes.  Ted is totally geeking out.  When Barney tries to get him to leave, Ted begs leave of Shortz by saying, “Ten letter word for diminutive egg-based tort?”  Shortz replies:  Oooh!  Miniquiche!  Where?  [Is that really only one word?]

BONUS QUOTE! Upon walking into the party, Barney sees all the stuffy people and remarks: Douchepocalpse.


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