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Edgy Queens, CoverGirls, and Circus Freaks: ANTM (S14: E10)

Posted by CJ Cregg on May 13, 2010

Grimace called. He wants his jumpsuit back.

I’ve been slacking on blogging about Tyra’s crazy antics.  So, let’s review.  Tyra’s crazy.  Oh, and Alasia and Jessica have been sent home since we last discussed.  Four girls remain, Raina, Angelea, Krista, and Alexandra.  WHO will be eliminated TONIGHT?  [Wanna be on top?  On tooooooop…On tooooooop].  Will anyone be able to stop Krista?  We’ll find out, but my money’s on “nope”.

The girls head to the airport to go to Queenstown for their next photoshoot.  The Jays tell the models they have to be ready to work it at anytime.  So, they have a runway show in the air on the plane where they have to show their personality.  That sounds safe.  Well done, Tyra.  What happened to in the case of unexpected turbulence keep seat belts fastened while seated?  Also, sucks for the other people on the plane.  Angelea forgot a shoe, so she has to walk in one heel.  She also makes a total mockery of the challenge.  [Come on Angelea, mocking ANTM is my job.]  Krista wins.  The other girls glare daggers into the back of her head.

Once they land in GORGEOUS Queenstown, they have a photoshoot.  The girls will be in extreme hair and makeup to make them ugly, so they have to bring the pretty into the ugly.  Mr. Jay says that two of them will go home.  Angelea: That is some drama fo’ yo’ ass.

The girls all look so weird.  Victorian corsets and black lipstick.  Based on Mr. Jay’s feedback, Angelea and Raina seem to be in jeopardy after the photoshoot.

Time for judging.  Tyra’s in a bodysuit.  Shocker.

Raina did get a decent shot.

Ugly-Pretty Raina

Angelea’s picture SUCKED.  The judges seemed to like it, but they are messed up.  This picture is AWFUL.

Just plain ugly

Krista’s picture is great.  No surprises.

Ugly-Pretty Krista

Alexandra also had a good picture.

Sinister Alexandra

So who has to pack their bags and go home?  Well, not Krista that’s for damn sure.  Raina is the other girl the judges choose for the final runway show.  Alexandra and Angelea will be packing their bags and going home.  (I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that I predicted 2 of the 3 final 3 correctly.)

Krista and Raina get ready for their Covergirl commercials.  Krista blanks out on her lines during the shoot and has to use the cue cards, but she does get the performance.  Raina didn’t have the spark, and didn’t seem to be able to model and talk at the same time.

This doesn’t seem like a CoverGirl add to me.  Just saying.  Most CoverGirls look…happier?

Krista's CoverGirl shot

Raina’s picture is gorgeous in my opinion.

Now THIS is what a CoverGirl looks like

When the girls get back, Tyra tells them their families are there.  She wants to do a family portrait.  Weird.

The girls will be in an Anna Sui fashion show at the art museum.  Alasia, Jessica, Angelea, and Alexandra will be back in the show.  How stupid.  They didn’t earn it.  Krista has a great runway walk.  Raina doesn’t have nearly the walk that Krista does, so I’m pretty certain Krista’s gonna win.  The show is really fun and flirty, with a circus theme.

Stomping to the death

Oh shoooooot, Krista wasn’t smizing in her Covergirl shoot.

So who’s it gonna be?  America’s Next Top Model Is…


(As if we didn’t see that coming.)

Oh well.  ANTM is one show that never disappoints.  At least not as long as Tyra’s craziness exponentially grows each season.  And I don’t see an end to the craziness in sight.  See you next cycle!


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