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Possible New Shows in Fall of 2010

Posted by Mr. Feeny on May 13, 2010

I’m not sure why, but apparently I’m only good at blogging about new shows. So…let’s jump ahead 4 months!

(although, as CJ will attest, I’m the king of unfinished posts. If only you could see our drafts)

In the TV biz, May is about two things: Sweeps/finales and Upfronts. The latter is networks deciding and announcing which of the many shows they’ve solicited they actually want to include in the schedule. At this point, very few shows have been chosen. I’ll update you when they have been picked. But, for now, I say we make some predictions on what we like. I’m going to organize them by genre, and then what I “like,” feel “meh” about, or plan to “pass” on, based on just the cast and description. I think it’s too early, though, to predict what will be a success.

Also, keep in mind this does not include mid-season replacements like Bradley Whitford’s The Good Guys, which I’m pretty sure CJ and I both agree we hope we’ll like.

I haven’t included every single show the networks are considering. I’ve left out most of the cable/premium shows, and I’ve focused on shows that other critics have been mentioning. So, there could be more. And, again, many probably won’t even appear next year. I found a list of about 60+ shows that are being considered. And very few have detailed descriptions. NBC and FOX have already picked up 5 and 4 shows respectively, so if it doesn’t say [[picked up]], that NBC/FOX show might not make the cut.


LOVE – “Mr. Sunshine” – So, Matthew Perry’s last series tanked. I’m more than willing to give him another chance. Especially when it includes Allison Janney and Andrea Anders. Oh, and sports will be tied in since Perry is the manager of a mid-level sports arena. Can’t wait. (ABC)

LIKE – “Freshman” – Nope, wrong type of freshmen. Try again. This is the Congressional variety. Three young, first-term Representatives live and work together at the US House. Sarah Chalke is one of them, the creator of HIMYM created this, and Arianna Huffington produced. So, I’m worried they will all be liberal (because all smart, funny, young people are, right?), but it would serve the show better if at least one were a Republican. (ABC)

LIKE – “Keep Hope Alive” – A 20-something suddenly ends up raising an infant, according to the description. I don’t care what the sitcom is about. It co-stars Chloris Leachman. For that reason alone, I like it. (FOX) [[picked up]]

LIKE – “Livin’ on a Prayer” – I don’t care much for CBS comedies. Except one. How I Met Your Mother. This is by the same creators. Oh, and I also liked the short-lived Worst Week, which starred Kyle Bornheimer. He’s in this. So I like those odds. The plot itself…something about relationships. (CBS)

LIKE – “Nathan vs. Nurture” – I like Jay Harrington a lot. But why does he get stuck with terrible show titles. First Better Off Ted, now this. He’s a lot of fun, plus Bill Pullman’s in it. It’s about a doctor who looks for his birth parents and discovers they kept their other three children. (NBC)

LIKE – “Next” – This “like” is solely based on the creator and star: Paul Reiser. I want him back on television. Who cares what it’s about. (NBC)

LIKE – “Running Wilde” – Will Arnett playing a rich jerk falling in love with Keri Russell. Yeah, I’ll give that a chance. (FOX)

LIKE – “Wright vs. Wrong” – Debra Messing as a conservative pundit and Cheryl Hines as her liberal counterpart. My first inclination is to hate this show. But if the political humor is good, plus the rest takes off, it’ll be a pleasant surprise. (ABC)

MEH – “Beach Lane” – Matthew Broderick stars as a celebrity author hired to run a newspaper in the Hamptons. (NBC)

MEH – “Funny in Farsi” – It’s about an Iranian family’s transition into American culture. I like that they’re going for diversity, but not sure if would take hold. (ABC)

MEH – “Happy Endings” – A friends comedy, with the premise being one couple breaks up and they fight over friends. Yawn. (ABC)

MEH – “It Takes a Village” – Four parents raising one kid. Two are gay (Christopher Seiber and Cheyenne Jackson), living across the street from the other two. I like Seiber, not sure I like the premise. (ABC)

MEH – “Open Book” – CBS is terrible with descriptions. It’s about a book editor and her friends. The editor is probably Laura Benanti, who I like a lot, and Patti LuPone is in it, hence why I’m not immediately passing. Fun little shoutout I noticed already. Benanti and LuPone won Tonys in the recent revival of Gypsy. Benanti played June, LuPone played Rose. Their character names in this: June and Roz. (CBS)

MEH – “Outsourced” – American novelty company’s call center now based in India. I expect it to be heavy on stupid, easy jokes. If so, I hope Modern Family has elevated the expectations for comedy and this fails. (NBC) [[picked up]]

MEH – “Perfect Couples” – Three different couples, one of whom thinks they’ve got it made and try to advise the others. (NBC) [[picked up]]

MEH – “Security” – Having failed on TV multiple times, Christian Slater goes the comedic route. With a bunch of computer geniuses at a security firm. (FOX)

MEH – “Sh** My Dad Says” – I can’t believe we’ve actually come to a time where a Twitter feed inspires a television show. Wow. The best thing about this show: the dad is William Shatner. The rest, though, could be a little too out there. (CBS)

MEH – “Southern Discomfort” – Described as a modern All in the Family. Uh oh. (ABC)

MEH – “Who Gets the Parents” – A couple divorces and their grown children suddenly have to take care of them. Adam Arkin’s in it. (ABC)

PASS – “The Adam Carolla Show” – He plays a divorced contractor. I am not a Carolla fan at all. (NBC)

PASS – “Friends with Benefits” – I think that says it all. (NBC)

PASS – “Hitched” – Two people rush into marriage and suddenly have to learn to live together. If it weren’t CBS, I’d have more faith in it. But this will just turn into another Accidentally on Purpose. (CBS)

PASS – “How to Be a Better American” – I fell asleep practically while reading the pitch. Something about a dad trying to be a better dad and husband and, I guess, American. (ABC)

PASS – “Mike & Molly” – A comedy about overeaters. Fat people jokes. I bet I’m not the only one passing (bu-dum-bum). (CBS)

PASS – “Tax Man” – Don’t know much about this show, other than it’s an office comedy about the IRS. I”m not convinced. Especially on Fox. (FOX)

PASS – “Team Spitz” – It’s about a loud high school football coach and his family. I like sport shows, but it won’t be able to compare to Coach, so I’m passing it down the field. (CBS)

PASS – “Traffic Light” – Three guys at different points of their relationships life. Married, engaged-ish, single. Sounds just like Rules of Engagement…which is horrible. (FOX) [[picked up]]


LOVE – “No Ordinary Family” – It’s a cross between Heroes and The Incredibles. A family survives a plane crash and comes away with super powers. What makes this especially intriguing: Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz. What makes me a little disenchanted, though, is the superpowers are obvious: strength, speed, mind-reading(ABC)

LOVE – “Ride Along” – It’s a police drama. Woopdeedoo. But…it’s set in Chicago. That’s an automatic plus for me. And, it’s by The Shield creator and stars Jennifer Beals. Oh, and a friend of ours was an extra in the premiere. (FOX) [[picked up]]

LIKE – “187 Detroit” – A documentary crew follows around cops in Detroit. So, it could be a mix of Southland, Friday Night Lights, and The Office. Stars Michael Imperioli. (ABC)

LIKE – “Breakout Kings” – Three convicts get their time reduced for helping to catch escapees. Yes, it’s a procedural of sorts. But it feels like could have some good layers. And it’s a different concept…kind of. (FOX)

LIKE – “The Damn Thorpes” – I can’t believe I’m going to include a CW show on the “like” list. But, it’s about a brother who has to raise his three sisters on a horse ranch. That sounds cool. (CW)

LIKE – “Defenders” – It’s a courtroom drama about two rivals duking it out in front of judges. But, the weird and intriguing thing is it stars Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi. I do not in any way picture them as lawyers in a drama. So I’m really just curious, but in case you’re only reading the “likes”, I had to throw it up here. (CBS)

LIKE – “The Event” – It could be the new 24. It’s described as a “high-octane conspiracy thriller” about an guy who gets caught up in a huge political cover-up. It stars Jason Ritter, Laura Innes, and Blair Underwood as the President (uhoh). But the key for me is the fantastic Zeljko Ivanek, who I have loved in everything he’s done. From Damages to 24 to Heroes. (NBC) [[picked up]]

LIKE – “Luck” – This isn’t a network show, but it stars one of my favorite actors, Dustin Hoffman, so I had to include it. It’s about horse racing. (HBO) [[picked up]]

LIKE – “The Quinn-tuplets” – It’s another family drama (which I have a softness for), but the twist is not only that the siblings are quintuplets…they were also followed like crazy as kids and are dealing with post-fame. Look past the stupid name (CBS)

LIKE – “Reagan’s Law” – I don’t just like it for the name. It’s about a family of cops spanning generations. Included in the family: Tom Selleck, Len Cariou, Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynihan. (CBS)

LIKE – “Rex Is Not Your Lawyer” – I like the quirkiness of this one. A lawyer suffers panic attacks and can’t handle cases. So he coaches his clients to represent themselves. (NBC)

MEH – “Body of Proof” – Dana Delany in yet another medical procedural. Weird thing here: the guy from the High Life commercials is in it. (ABC)

MEH – “Boston’s Finest” – Conspiracies run wild in the Boston police department. Basically, The Departed for television. (ABC)

MEH – “The Cape” – A cop is framed for a crime and turns into a masked avenger to clear his name. Count of Monte Cristo style. (NBC)

MEH – “Chase” – A group of crime fighters going after the most serious, dangerous criminals. It’s another Jerry Bruckheimer. (NBC) [[picked up]]

MEH – “Criminal Minds, the Spinoff” – Yet to be titled, but it stars Forest Whitaker and will follow the same premise as the original. Another can’t miss for CBS. (CBS) [[picked up]]

MEH – “Cutthroat” – This does not seem like a typical network drama…so it could be good. Has a distinctly cable vibe to its description: a family woman actually runs a Mexican crime syndicate. (ABC)

MEH – “Edgar Floats” – Tom Cavanagh plays a psychologist who helps people solve crimes. (ABC)

MEH – “Generation Y” – This just has depressing written all over it. Ten years after graduation, classmates revisit how their lives have turned out. (ABC)

MEH – “HMS” – Sadly, this isn’t a musical about the Pinafore. It’s about college students at Harvard Med School. (CW)

MEH – “Kindreds” – An ex-patent lawyer sets up his own unique practice, whatever that means. Kathy Bates is in it. (NBC)

MEH – “Lone Star” – It’s about a family in the oil business. Dallas Part II? Stars Jon Voight, which has me interested to watch. (FOX) [[picked up]]

MEH – “Love Bites” – Different love stories every week, with a two female characters returning each week. I guess they try to find love while other people around them do. I’m not really clear on the premise, but I’m a hopeless romantic. I’ll give it a shot. (NBC) [[picked up]]

MEH – “Matadors” – A legal/romantic drama with a twist: Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford) plays a cutthroat lawyer and lover. There’s a bit of a role change. Set in Chicago. (ABC)

MEH – “Nikita” – Another spy show. This time a female spy trying to avoid being killed by her former employers. (CW)

MEH – “The Odds” – Here’s the pitch description: “a buddy cop show set in las vegas where the cops are just as outrageous as the crimes they solve.” Included in the cast is Donald Faison. How is this a drama? (CBS)

MEH – “Garza” – A Supreme Court justice quits to start his own private practice. Jimmy Smits is in the cast. (NBC)

MEH – “Undercovers” – This just seems like an updated Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Married couple retires from the spy business but gets pulled back in. Best thing going for it: it’s J. J. Abrams new one (Alias, Lost, Fringe). (NBC) [[picked up]]

PASS – “Betwixt” – CW’s going with another supernatural show about teenagers, but not vampires! It’s changelings, whatever that is. (CW)

PASS – “Chaos” – Rogue CIA operatives working to save the day and fight bureaucracy. I don’t really see the twist here that would make it interesting. (CBS)

PASS – “Hawaii Five-O” – I pretty much hate the idea of any television remake. So, I have zero interest in this, even if Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) is in it. (CBS).

PASS – “Hellcats” – Drama about competitive cheerleading. ‘Nuff said. (CW)

PASS – “Law & Order: Los Angeles” – I guess my dreams of L&O: Chicago were shot with The Good Wife’s success.

PASS – “The Line” – Another crime procedural, this time about a single dad. (CBS)

PASS – “Nomads” – Backpackers across the world do odd jobs for the CIA. That seems like a stretch. (CW)

PASS – “Off the Map” – Three doctors with troubled pasts (shocker!) go to a foreign clinic and struggle through lack of resources. One of the doctors is Meryl Streep’s daughter, who went to NU while we were there. (ABC)

PASS – “The Rockford Files” – See “Hawaii Five-O”, but replace Kim with Dermot Muroney. (NBC)

PASS – “True Blue” – A police drama set in San Francisco. (ABC)

PASS – “The Whole Truth” – Another legal drama. The description is laughable in that it makes it seem novel and fresh, but it sounds just like the Law in Law & Order. (ABC)


4 Responses to “Possible New Shows in Fall of 2010”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    You are so right! I hope everything works out for The Good Guys, Mr. Sunshine, and Freshmen! I really want to see these shows!

  2. Skate said

    I’ll never understand how you can keep up with all of that television. I never know you were a fan of Paul Reiser. He hasn’t really done much since Mad About You.

    After looking through the mix, it doesn’t look like I will be watching any of them.

  3. […] Possible New Shows in Fall of 2010 […]

  4. I love Matthew Perry in “The Whole Nine Yards” and its sequel. I know its not a series, but I think it’s a good comedy.

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