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Dancing into the Finals

Posted by CJ Cregg on May 18, 2010

Tonight we’ll find out who gets eliminated (totally gonna be Ochocinco) just shy of next week’s finale of Dancing with the Stars.  However, last night was a great night of dancing, so I thought I’d share my reactions and some of my favorite dances.

Nicole continues to wow the judges, and her incredibly athletic Argentine Tango earned her a perfect 30.

For her ballroom dance, Nicole put a sassy spin on Prince, another awesome performance.  (Fast forward to 3:00 for the dance.)  She’s an all-around great performer and going to be very difficult to beat.  Bruno Tonioli (my fave part of the show) called Nicole “sexylicious.”

Evan demonstrated to the judges that he can be sexy and connect with the music wowing the judges with his dominant paso doble.  (Fast foward to about 3:20 for the actual dance.)  Consensus among my friends is that the very last part of the dance is the best.  He’s all, ‘oh yah, who’s next?’  (I know some volunteers, Mr. Lysacek.)

Erin also danced a great paso doble that the judges praised highly, but I don’t think anyone’s going to catch up to Nicole.  This is my first time ever watching this show, but boy what a treat this season has been.  It mustn’t be nearly this entertaining when they don’t have people as good as Nicole, Erin, and Evan.


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