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Well, that happened…

Posted by CJ Cregg on May 19, 2010

This season's last Walker Family dinner

It’s taken me awhile to get my feelings in line about last week’s season finale of Brothers and Sisters.  The strongest feeling I have after it is, ‘man, this show should just be over.’

Here’s what happened.

Sarah was moping around about Ojai going under, but she perked up when the drillers discovered an aquifer with lots of water at Narrow Lake.  So I guess now Ojai will sell bottled water.  Like Fiji.

Robert continued to dig himself into a hole with these congressmen.

Justin and Rebecca are having massive issues trying to figure out their future.  Justin wants to go to Haiti for a year to help out, while Rebecca accepted a new job at another produce company.

Saul, we learn, is HIV positive.  We figure this out when Scotty and Kevin convince him to get tested while prepping a test menu for Scotty’s new restaurant.

Driving home from the menu testing at the Ojai house, there’s a car accident.  Holly and Robert are badly injured, and all signs point to the fact that Robert is dead.


That’s that.

Feels like the show should just be over.  I have to say, the way the car accident was portrayed was well done.  But there’s very little (other than my extreme loyalty) to keep me watching the show.  I guess we still have to find out of Kitty wins her election, what’s going to happen to Ojai in the water business, which lame men Nora will date this season, and how annoying Justin and Rebecca will become.


That’s that.



One Response to “Well, that happened…”

  1. Mr. Feeny said

    You captured my thoughts exactly. A big character death should mean more than it did. I felt like Rob Lowe was being put out of his misery.

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