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Grading Our Grades

Posted by Mr. Feeny on May 21, 2010

When the TV season began, we each vowed to watch all the premieres, grade them and offer reviews on a third of them. CJ completely followed through, I missed two series (both were canceled) and Moltisanti…it’s not even worth saying.

So, now that we know which shows are and aren’t coming back, it’s the perfect time to review our reviews. Were we right about what wasn’t worth watching? Did our favorites stick around? Basically, do we know what we’re doing.

Well, with one notable exception, I’d say we do. There are two levels of comparison we can look at. We each did predictions on what would succeed, be renewed, go one year, and flop early. So, we’ll look at that. We also graded the premieres. I’ve drawn the line of demarcation as a “B-“. If the average score was above that, we thought it was worth sticking around. (Remember, we only did this for the fall shows, not mid-season replacements, which mostly failed)

America's Two Most-Watched New Shows

Surprisingly, 2009 was a great season for new shows. In 2008, only 4 of the 21 new Fall shows came back for 2009. But this year, of the 22 shows, 10 are returning. Who knew this was a good year for television? It certainly didn’t seem like it.

Here’s how we did, only looking at the network premieres. Also, I’m not going to separate between success and renewal, or one-year and flop. It’s either success or flop. So, I wouldn’t consider The Cleveland Show a success, but it is coming back.

CJ (13/22) —- Successes: 5/9 (Glee, NCIS:LA, Cleveland Show, Community, The Good Wife………..missed Melrose Place, Jay Leno Show, The Beautiful Life, Mercy)_______Flops: 8/13 (Brothers, Flash Forward, The Forgotten, Trauma, Accidentally on Purpose, Eastwick, Hank, Three Rivers…………missed The Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, Cougar Town, The Middle, V)

Feeny  (15/22) —- Successes: 6/9 (Glee, NCIS:LA, Cleveland Show, Community, Good Wife, Modern Family………….missed Melrose Place, Brothers, Jay Leno Show)_______Flops: 9/13 (FlashForward, The Forgotten, Trauma, Accidentally on Purpose, The Beautiful Life, Eastwick, Hank, Mercy, Three Rivers…………missed Cougar Town, Vampire Diaries, The Middle and V)

Moltisanti (11/22) —- Successes: 4/9 (NCIS:LA, Glee, Community, Modern Family………missed Brothers, Melrose Place, Jay Leno Show, The Forgotten, The Beautiful Life)______Flops: 7/13 (Mercy, Accidentally on Purpose, Flash Forward, Eastwick, Hank, Three Rivers, Trauma………….missed Cleveland Show, Cougar Town, The Good Wife, The Middle, V, Vampire Diaries)

Apparently this show has gotten much better

So based on that, we all whiffed on Cougar Town, The Middle and V. Apparently, we didn’t give ABC much credit. We also incorrectly predicted Melrose Place would do well. In our defense, none of us care about the CW.

Now, those predictions were before we saw the premieres. Afterward is when we graded them. And we were spot on when it came to cancellations.

Of the 12 shows that won’t be coming back, we gave all but one of them an average grade of B- or lower. The one exception was FlashForward, which CJ gave an A, I gave an A- and Moltisanti gave a B-. Still, 11/12 is pretty good. And I don’t think any of us are sad to see any of the new shows go.

But, what that really shows is not that we’re good at predicting what will stay. The Cleveland Show, Community, Cougar Town, The Middle and Vampire Diaries all got C+ or lower. We especially hated Cougar Town and The Cleveland Show, each getting two F’s. But if we liked a show, it almost definitely succeeded. Our #1 ranked show was The Good Wife, which was America’s second favorite new program (behind NCIS: LA).

He's looking at you, CJ. Why The Face?

One more thing I have to mention. The worst grade of the entire bunch. CJ giving Modern Family an F. Not only was it the best sitcom of the new season, it also was the most watched, beloved by critics and viewers, and will probably win the Emmy. She should give it another chance this summer.


3 Responses to “Grading Our Grades”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    I have completely changed my mind on Modern Family. (See the comments section on my original review.) I haven’t seen all the episodes, but I’ve seen a fair number of them, and I have to say, the pilot was one of the weak points of the season. But yes, I was wrong. It’s a good show. Very good.

  2. Mr. Feeny said

    Haha. I like how you snuck that in there, as like the 13th comment on that thread. I’m glad.

  3. Jorczak said

    Do not tell me “The Forgotten” is a success. Come on, Kyle.

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