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Maybe Next Year…Nope, Not Next Year

Posted by Mr. Feeny on May 21, 2010

Remember my mega-post about all the shows that could be picked up by the networks?

It was very lengthy and took a lot of time to compile.

It’s useless now.

The bright side is that next year, I’ll be more prepared for Upfronts.

Here’s the dark side: most of the shows I “liked” in that review won’t be coming to television any time soon. Here’s a list of the notable snubs (a summary of the networks’ upfronts to come later…but everyone’s doing that. So here’s the shows we missed out on).

– “Freshman,” about first term congressmen

Stay positive, my friend. You'll get a success someday.

– “Livin on a Prayer,” by the people who made HIMYM and starring Kyle Bornheimer

– “Nathan vs. Nurture,” Jay Harrington relegated to guest starring on shows next year

– “Wright vs. Wrong,” the world is spared from Debra Messing and Cheryl Hines pretending to debate politics

– “Security,” Christian Slater doesn’t get another chance at failing next year, this time in a comedy

“The Damn Thorpes,” I was looking forward to a touching drama about a brother raising his three sisters on a ranch

“The Quinn-Tuplets,” I guess network execs have had enough of family dramas.

“Rex Is Not Your Lawyer,” what could have been a clever law show spin, with a lawyer training his clients to defend themselves

“The Rockford Files,” I guess television only has room for one remake per year (Hawaii Five-O this season)

There are some bright sides to the Upfronts, though. I think several of the shows have a lot of promise. And with a ton of shows ending this year, it’s going to be a big Fall. Since that was CJ and my favorite time last year, this blog’s gonna be huge.


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