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“Doppelgangers”: How I Met Your Mother (S5: E24)

Posted by CJ Cregg on May 25, 2010

Getting in on the baby-making action

Plot Summary: Cab Driver Barney is spotted to round out the last of our doppelgangers and to urge Lily and Marshall to start having kids.  Turns out, it was actually Barney on a break from work.  Ted goes blonde.  Robin turns down a dream job offer in Chicago only to have Ron say yes and leave her.  Ted learns that as we all grow and change, we become our own doppelgangers.

What We Learn About the Mother: Why do I even have this category?

Best Moment: The gang bursts into Lily and Marshall’s bedroom as they start making their baby to tell them about Robin’s job offer.  Lily and Marshall scream.  Marshall exclaims: Why is Barney in our bedroom?  Lily shouts: Why is Robin in our bedroom?  Marshall says: Why is Ellen Degeneres in our bedroom?  (Because of Ted’s blonde hair.)

Top 3 Quotes

1) When Barney tells Marshall he actually was the cab driver doppelganger, he says he has a fake message recorded on his work line.  “So that my coworkers think I’m busting my hump instead of, you know, humping busty chicks.”

2) Barney shows Marshall his map of the world in the cab.  He’s going “around the world in 80 lays” by waiting

Doppelganger #2-street performer Barney

outside of the UN.  Marshall remarks, “You’re doing really well in the Baltics.”

3) A running joke throughout this episode is that Barney has a blog and it sucks.  He emphatically tells his friends no having kids till they’re 45.  He concludes, “Do you guys ever read my blog?”  [beat]  “It’s gotten a lot better.”  (Read Barney’s blog about kids here.  You can also read more of Barney’s jabs at Ted’s blonde hair if you scroll down.)

So, I guess this was the season finale, folks.  While this season had it high points, I consider it one of the weaker seasons, especially toward the end.  Here’s to hoping next season is better.


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