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Summer TV, Havin’ a Blast

Posted by Mr. Feeny on June 1, 2010

There used to a be a time, not too long ago, where the summer meant nothing but reruns. For three months, we TV addicts could actually enjoy life outside our dwellings. Breathe the fresh air, get some sun, spend time with friends. Not in this day and age. Now, television continues year round.

There also was a time, about ten years ago, where summer television was pretty pathetic across the board. Every now and then, a great show would debut June-August (like Survivor), but for the most part, the shows themselves were castoffs. Often heavily-reality based, too. That’s still true to some extent. But, there are some fantastic shows on during the summer months that we here at the blog love.

Specifically, you must watch Mad Men, Burn Notice, Psych and Wipeout. And the World Cup, for Moltisanti.

Then, there are a bunch of shows that I hear are entertaining, but have yet to actually watch. Most viewers haven’t, actually, because we’re all still stuck in the September-May TV season. We should check some of those shows out together. I’m thinking True Blood, Royal Pains, Lie to Me.

Plus, there are a bunch of new shows that are premiering this summer, hoping to catch fire like those previously mentioned gems. I’m especially excited about Covert Affairs, starring the incredible Gregory Itzin (24). There’s also The Good Guys (Bradley Whitford) and Hot in Cleveland (Betty White).

So, here are two great lists for summer shows. The first, courtesy of Zap2It, gives you a nice little description of every show, including comparisons to more widely popular programs. The second is an easy to reference schedule from great reviewer Alan Sepinwall on when these shows premiere. You should make it a favorite so you can check back there every night.

Oh, and as it’s June 1st, the summer season is already kicking off: America’s Got Talent, Hell’s Kitchen, and Wipeout all start tonight.


One Response to “Summer TV, Havin’ a Blast”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    YAY! Wipeout is back!

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