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Rookie Blue: Premiere Review

Posted by CJ Cregg on June 24, 2010

OK, so what does ABC have next on their ‘New Summer Season’ lineup?  It’s Rookie Blue.  Every network needs a

Our Rookei Cops

good cop show.  What remains to be seen is whether or not this is a good cop show.  (Spoiler alert: I think it is.)

Here’s the basic premise.  A bunch of ridiculously good looking rookie cops learning the ropes in the 15th division.  Didn’t catch where that was supposed to be.  Somewhere in California, maybe?  Our main character is Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym).  Turns out being a cop is nothing like what our naive, idealistic rookies learned in the academy.  Sometimes, you have to make deals with the criminals and play a little dirty.  McNally’s veteran partner is kind of a big tool as it turns out (although he grows on me by the end of the episode).  But she’s a hard worker who wants desperately to be a good cop.  On her first crime scene, she arrests a detective who was working undercover instead of the criminal.  Ooops.  Predictable.  I knew that guy was a detective from the beginning.  When McNally goes back to investigate the situation, she runs into the real gunman, a ridiculously scared teen.  She’s just as scared as he is, but successfully talks him down and makes the arrest.  Victory!

I could identify with our young cops who bluster and bumble waiting for someone to tell them what to do while adrenaline runs through their veins.  They earnestly tried the best they could, and our actors successfully portrayed the mix of adrenaline and nerves.  In one good scene, Cops Nash (played by Enuka Okuma) and McNally are sweeping the crime scene and they ask each other if they’re nervous.  They of course deny it, but you know they’re scared.  The show also had its lighter moments, which I appreciated.  For example, when McNally tells the undercover detective she thought he was the suspect because he had on a black tshirt and greasy hair, he replies snarkily, ‘this is gel, by the way.’  And it was actually kind of funny.  There was also a cringe-worthy, but somewhat poignant scene when some rookie cops have to figure out who should search a transgender suspect that was brought in.

I actually liked this show, which is saying something because I was in a bad mood while watching it.  I tried to find something to hate about it, but I couldn’t.  The acting is, if not great, solid.  The characters seem genuine and likeable, and while I couldn’t think of anything new about it that would keep me desperate to watch it again, I enjoyed the pilot.  We certainly have more to learn about our characters.  Nash has a son, and McNally’s dad was also a cop who hit a rough patch, apparently.

Rookie Blue reminded me of the Unusuals.  A solid show that will likely never draw a huge following, but the people that do get into it will think they have found a fun secret.


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