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No Damages Done

Posted by Mr. Feeny on July 20, 2010

Here’s possibly the biggest surprise of the summer. Damages, the critically-acclaimed FX drama, will have a 4th and 5th season. This was highly unexpected. The show is not widely watched and costs a lot to produce (Glenn Close and Rose Byrne as the stars are expensive enough. Then throw in top-of-the-line guest stars like Ted Danson, Martin Short and Lily Tomlin just this past season). But like they did with Friday Night Lights, DirecTV recognizes meaningful and complex dramas and tries to preserve them. The satellite provider will now own the airing rights of the previous 3 seasons as well, with the 10-episode 4th season airing next year. Previous seasons were 13 episodes, but I think 10 will actually be an improvement. Less meandering.

If you’ve never watched Damages, I strongly recommend it. Well, parts of it. The first season is one of the greatest debut seasons in television history. Absolutely sensational. The second season was the complete opposite. A jumbled, convoluted mess. It also seemed to try too hard to hold onto the first season instead of moving on. The third season got back on track (except for needing to tie up Ted Danson’s storyline, which seemed awkward and out of place). But in general, they tightened their scope and focused more on the elements that worked in the first season. One main plot driving the season forward. And a shocking twist here or there. I don’t think you need to watch the second season (except maybe the premiere) to follow along, so I’d advise skipping the other 12 episodes, at least at first.


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