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Why the Unusuals was such an awesome show…

Posted by CJ Cregg on August 30, 2010

Goldbert rocking the 'stache as Detective Delahoy

…and why I still haven’t forgiven ABC for canceling it.

So, I had some time on my hands this weekend before school started, and watched all 10 episodes of ABC’s Spring 2009 crime drama the Unusuals again.  I was once again filled with love for this show and terribly depressed that such a great show got canceled.  The show’s success rested on well, unusual characters that were, despite major flaws, genuinely likable.  It’s rapid-fire pace and witty dialogue made it a winner in my book as well.

So, in honor of the Unusuals, here’s a list of 10 plotlines we would have gotten the chance to see play out had the show gotten more than 10 episodes.

1) Casey’s (Amber Tamblyn) relationship with Davis Nixon.  Is this wholesome millionaire as sweet as he seems?  Will they ever work it out because of her dedication to her work?  Does she even like him?  And will she ever end up with her partner, Jason Walsh (Jeremy Renner)?

2) Detective Allison Beaumont (Monique Gabriela Curnen) admits to Casey that she’s in massive debt.  Uh oh.

3) Detective Delahoy’s (Adam Goldberg) brain tumor and relationship with the medical examiner.  Will he ever get treatment?  Will they ever hook up in a supply closet again?  Or is she too mad he got her fired?

4) What shady stuff is Casey’s rich dad dabbling in?

5) Will Eddie Alvarez (Kai Lennox) strike back at Walsh after the naked funeral prank?  And will the other detectives ever accept him?

6) What is Leo Banks’s (Harold Perrineau) backstory?  Where is his family, and will he live through his 42nd year?

7) Is Detective Henry Cole (Joshua Close) really reformed?  Is he as Christian as he seems and has he put his conman past behind him?

8 ) How will Leo’s relationship with the dispatcher Bridget turn out?

9) Will Marvin ever learn that he’s too dumb to be a criminal?

Tamblyn as rich-girl-turned-cop Casey Schraeger

10) And, most importantly.  What is Walsh’s secret?  Casey is assigned by the Sarge to find out the secrets of her colleagues.  What’s he up to?  And what’s the deal with the diner he lives in?

This list is really just for me to point out that this show was awesome and that it had room to grow and lots of places to go in the future.  My rewatch got me thinking about these.  Who knows if the writers and producers even conceived of answers to them.  I guess we’ll never know.


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