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Some Random Thoughts on the Emmys

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 1, 2010

It’s only the biggest night in television. I should probably mention it.

Overall, I thought it was an excellent ceremony. The winners were mostly surprising and/or deserving. The pace was upbeat. Some moments were particularly funny. Definitely one of the best award ceremonies I’ve seen in quite a while. Of course, there were no moments that could compare to this or this, which won an Emmy…but still, a good night.

My man crush is not likely to end soon

That was actually my biggest gripe with the show. That Neil Patrick Harris didn’t host it. Seriously, he was fantastic last year in hosting both the Tonys and Emmys. So fantastic, in fact, that they gave him the opening number on the Oscars this year. So, when Jimmy Fallon opens up this year’s show with an extended song (a Glee parody); and then does a whole singing montage for 24, Lost, and Law & Order; and intros each genre with a song…well, I couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t get an actual singer to host if they wanted to employ so much music (I know the answer…it was on NBC this year, not NPH’s network…but still). It doesn’t excuse the Tonys from using Sean Hayes.

Some of my favorite moments:

– I did enjoy Fallon’s opening Glee parody. Sure, it’s been done before. But it perfectly encapsulated the big stories from this year in television. Hurley was a member of the glee club, Betty White taught Jon Hamm dirty dance moves, and Kate Gosslin got made fun of. That was Television 2009-2010.

– I loved the Modern Family skit, featuring George Clooney. I’ve linked to it in our video player on the right. Props to NBC for doing an extended segment on another network’s show (which rightfully won Best Comedy over Glee)

– Best speech of the night goes to Edie Falco, winner of Best Lead Actress in a Comedy. Her new show, Nurse Jackie, is inexplicably categorized as a comedy. She clearly didn’t understand why either, saying “This is the most ridiculous thing [in the history of the Emmys]…I’m not funny!”  Good for her.

He clowned around all season

– I was shocked that Eric Stonestreet won for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. I thought for sure the three Modern Family nominees would split their votes and NPH would get his third win this year (also won for Guest Actor for Glee), but Stonestreet pulled it out. He’s fantastic, but my pick would have been Ty Burrell as Phil. That scene in the garage where he’s trying to find something on the top shelf…that’s comedy gold on its own.

Acting Excellence

– To anyone who hasn’t watched Breaking Bad…yes, Brian Cranston deserves three Emmys for his performance. Yes, Aaron Paul (aka Michael Buble impersonator) deserves an Emmy for his. And the show should have beaten Mad Men for Best Drama.

– Did everyone else like the pace of this year’s telecast? I was initially upset that each category went all at once, but I thought it moved really well. And Al Pacino and Tom Hanks helped keep the mini-series/movie categories at the end watchable.

It’s a few days late, so I don’t need to go into every little thought. But if you have more, please share!


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