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CJ’s Fall 2010 Predictions

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 6, 2010

Fall Winner: Outlaw

Mr. Feeny has given you the 411 on the new shows this fall, so now it’s time for us to weigh in.  In our expert opinions, what’s going to sink or swim this season?  The new shows start on Wednesday, so experts, get your picks in now!

If last year was the year of the hospital drama (Trauma, Three Rivers, Mercy), this year is the year of the crime/detective drama.  And some of them excite me.  Here’s how I feel about each show:

Better with You: So, this is Modern Family but not as funny?  I don’t get it.  It’s a relationship show with people who are related?  How’s this different?  I’m bored by the trailer.

$#*! My Dad Says: No freaking way.  This looks so unfunny I don’t even know where to start.  Totally going to flop.

Blue Bloods: I’m intrigued, as I’ve said.  Solid cast, and I like that they’re not all cops, that the family comes at crime from different angles.  However, I worry that the Friday night doom slot may do this show in.  It’s not going to be good enough to overcome that, methinks.

Boardwalk Empire: Yes.  Can’t wait.  I wish that I got HBO.  This is an understudied and underportrayed era in US history, and I think it’s going to be awesome.

Body of Proof: Boring.  I find the ‘I’m so career driven and I don’t understand or love people’ character cliche.  Also, going to be doomed by the Friday timeslot.

Chase: Meh.  US Marshals?  Not that different from any other crime show.  I’m not compelled.

Defenders: Really?  Just not that interesting.

Detroit 187: Another meh.  Detroit?

The Event: Another aggressive advertising campaign, like ABC did for V.  It didn’t help V, but I’m more interested in this show than I was in that one.  The trailer is annoyingly cryptic, what is the event?  I want to know!  Solid cast and good creative team.  But this is also the kind of show, like FlashForward that can promise much and deliver little.  So don’t get too excited.  I’m cautiously optimistic.

Hawaii Five-O: How well do remakes ever really do?  The only thing about this that I like is Daniel Dae Kim.

Hellcats: Heh.  Ok.  So this is exactly the kind of awesomely bad teen show that I would like.  And I think there are a lot of people out there like me.  So I think this is going to do well.  Also, Ashley Tisdale has a following.

Law and Order LA: Are the hardcore Law and Order fans of yore going to keep watching this?  I don’t think it’s going to succeed without them, but considering that shows like CSI have moved locations and continued to draw a following, I like this one’s chances.

Lonestar: I like the idea of this show.  But the trailer doesn’t grab me.  So I’m lukewarm at the end.  I want to like this more than I do.

Mike and Molly: Fat jokes make me uncomfortable.  Not feeling this one, as much as I love Melissa McCarthy.

My Generation: I’ve already shared my thoughts on this one, but I’m actually intrigued.  I loved, as you well know, Hawley’s the Unusuals from spring 2009, and although I’m a bit young, I identify with the people on this show.  It’s a unique twist.  But parts of the trailer seemed a bit obvious and preachy, so I think this show is going to have to be careful to stay fresh.

Nikita: This trailer made me gag.  Cheesy voiceover about falling in love when you’re supposed to be the lone wolf assassin at work.  Even the CW’s audience isn’t going to fall for this one.

No Ordinary Family: A family of superheros?  I don’t know.  Don’t think this one is going to be a winner.

Outlaw: Yes. Please.  Love the cast.  I think this show is going to be awesome.

Outsourced: Oh my goodness no.  Outsourcing was so five years ago.

Raising Hope: Interesting that Fox would go for two shows about single fathers.  I’m more interested in this one than Running Wilde, despite my like for Arrested Development.  But still, don’t think it’s going to be funny enough to sustain a season.

Running Wilde: I thought the trailer for this was stupid.  And not in the funny, off key way.  Keri Russell’s character just annoyed me.  Really? Random Amazon tribe to be saved?  Weird.

School Pride: People are going to eat this up.  In a tear-jerker Extreme Makeover Home Edition kind of way.  It’s such a good cause, and I think the parents and old people of the world are going to like it.

Terriers: Stupid.  I do like Donal Logue, but bumbling stupid private investigators is not my thing.  Not funny enough to be good.

Undercovers: Meh.  Mr and Mrs Smith wasn’t a good movie, so why make it into a TV show?  But everyone loves JJ Abrams, so I’ll give this a chance.  I can see this having just enough suspense to make me want to keep watching.

The Walking Dead: No thanks.  The only reason Zombieland was a good movie was because it was funny.  This is just zombies but not funny.  But thank goodness we’re finally over vampires, right?

The Whole Truth: Also not new enough or interesting enough.

Boardwalk Empire is going to be a show to talk about


Success: Law and Order LA, Boardwalk Empire, Outlaw, Blue Bloods

Renewals: School Pride, Hellcats, Undercovers

Oners: Body of Proof, My Generation, No Ordinary Family, Running Wilde, Walking Dead, Defenders, Whole Truth, Chase, Hawaii Five-O, Lonestar, the Event

Flops: Better with You, Bleep My Dad Says, Detroit 187, Nikita, Outsourced, Raising Hope, Terriers, Mike and Molly


One Response to “CJ’s Fall 2010 Predictions”

  1. Mr. Feeny said

    Great summary, CJ. I’ve got some different opinions, but I’ll lay those out in my post. One thing, though. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” actually was a TV show, before it was the Brad Pitt movie (but after the original 1940s movie). It starred one of my favorite actors (Scott Bakula), but only lasted 13 episodes. So, yes, maybe it doesn’t work on the small screen. That’s why they say “Moonlighting” went downhill.

    Speaking of Scott Bakula, I’m very sad that “Men of a Certain Age” fell off my list of DVR shows. I don’t know how it fell between the cracks, but I never watched past the premiere. Maybe I’ll try it again. Anyone watch it?

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