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Feeny’s Fall 2010 Predictions

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 7, 2010

I think I’m a little more excited about this year’s crop of shows than last year. Based just on the trailers and premises, I think there are a lot of dramas I could get addicted to. Which is perfect, since I’m sure I’ll be feeling Lost and 24 withdrawal come January. And, I don’t have Showtime or HBO, so I might not be able to watch Dexter or Curb Your Enthusiasm. Four shows from my Top 10 list last year gone from my lineup this season.

I mentioned this in my post grading our predictions from last year, but 2009 was a very good year for new shows. 10 of 22 are back on the air this season. And that doesn’t include mid-season or summer replacements like The Good Guys (so happy this got renewed). I have a funny feeling that 2010 will be like that as well. Though not in the comedy department. They all look pretty awful.

One more reminder before I begin. These predictions are based only on trailers. They can be very wrong. For instance, I thought Modern Family looked stupid until I actually watched the show.

Better with You — I wouldn’t compare this to Modern Family like CJ did. I think Rules of Engagement is more apt. Three different types of couples, learning from each other and boring audiences. But, Rules of Engagement is still on. So maybe it will work.

$#*! My Dad Says — The twitter account this is based on is hilarious because it’s uncensored. It can’t be on CBS. The writers have to keep pulling their punches. Hopefully this will kill the notion of any future shows based off of Twitter feeds. Unless it’s written by Bill Simmons.

Blue Bloods — I am really excited about this one. You haven’t even seen the whole family. There’s one more, Tom Selleck’s father, the former police chief, played by Len Cariou. Can’t wait.

Boardwalk Empire — Every critic is raving about this show, from a writer on The Sopranos and under the direction in the pilot of Martin Scorsese. I’m most looking forward to later seasons, where they’ll almost assuredly reference Calvin Coolidge.

Body of Proof — This was one of the worst trailers I saw. So overwrought. They’re trying to make it seem like this is more than CSI or Quincy: M.E. It’s not, which makes it unoriginal and boring.

Chase — I’m not particularly interested in another crime procedural, especially one that seems so predictable and bland. But it might do well.

Defenders — I don’t get this show at all. A pairing I would have never guessed, in an even less likely show. Jim Belushi as a lawyer? It just doesn’t feel right. I also don’t understand how they can be middle-class lawyers living in Vegas. I expect it to be pretty bad.

Detroit 1-8-7 — I think the documentary style was scrapped because of a new law or court decision that forced film crews to stay away from police. Which is a shame. That actually made this an original show. Now that it’s been reshot, I expect a standard NYPD Blue-like show.

The Event — I want to like this show. It seems like something I would. And they’re trying so hard to reassure us that they’ll do it right, not like so many other suspenseful serials. But, I can’t help thinking they’re trying too hard. The layers of mystery, the non-stop action, the sinister characters. It almost seems like a farce. But my favorite guest actor (Zeljko Ivanek) is in it, and I always love his shows.

Hawaii Five-0 — I never saw the original, so I have no preconceived notions on this. If they keep it to just four main characters, I like that. It’s a nice round number that usually works. And Scott Caan looks like he’ll be fun.

Hellcats — I can not express enough how little I care about this show. Except for one thing, and that’s only because I’m a guy. It seems like drivel.

Law & Order: Los Angeles — I’m glad the L&O franchise will continue in its original, but relocated, form. And with an extremely impressive cast. I do believe everyone who watched the original for 20 years will stick around. And since it’s in LA, it could add some new viewers, too.

Lone Star — This looks like it could play like a heavy, intrinsic drama if done right. So the fact that FOX is heading it makes me a little weary. I can’t think of a solid, character-based drama they’ve done. But I’m hopeful.

Mike & Molly — It’s good to know fat jokes make CJ uncomfortable. I knew there was a reason we’re friends. I’ve read that those fat jokes subside after the first few episodes. If that’s true, I like this one as the best new sitcom, because of it’s lovable leads.

My Generation — CJ’s right. The use of stereotypical characters is frustrating. But the concept is interesting. And it looks extremely real. I thought it was a reality show for a while.  Because there’s hardly any competition that night, I think it will do well.

Nikita — I think I’ll like Nikita, if the storylines are interesting enough. I won’t argue with watching Maggie Q for an hour every week. But the action will be a nice bit of excitement.

No Ordinary Family — This would have been a better concept 5 years ago, before Pixar came up with it. Or before Heroes premiered. Now, against a loaded field of shows, this can’t last.

Outlaw — CJ and I might disagree most on this one. I think this show looks stupid. Just consider the premise. Imagine Samuel Alito abruptly resigning to defend random criminals. (Although the show titles would be abundant. Alito Justice. Uncle Sam.) Also, how does a playboy and gambler get confirmed to the court? If they care that little about these details, how can I take the show seriously?

Outsourced — Maybe this should be retitled $#*! Americans Say Behind Closed Doors. This is more offensive than the Shatner show.

Raising Hope — The best part of this trailer was the supermarket clerk. She seemed like fun, in an offbeat kind-of-way. The jokes here seem obvious, though.

Running Wilde — This seems like a typical cartoonish FOX sitcom. The Arrested Development tie-ins seem purely coincidental.

School Pride — CJ’s right. This is the type of show people get suckered into. Not me, though.

Terriers — I didn’t get enough from the trailer to really make an impact. But since it’s on FX, I feel like it will naturally be a cut above the rest of the crime procedurals this season.

Undercovers — The chemistry on this show will make or break it. If this couple can be charming and heroic at the same time, this show will have sticking power.

The Walking Dead — I agree with CJ. Zombieland was hilarious. But I think a series about zombies could be great too. It’s the reason I love TV more than movies. You can tell more stories. You can tell more of stories. I hope they don’t waste that storytelling ability.

The Whole Truth — Never before has a show tackled both sides of the legal drama. No, wait, that’s not true. It has been done before. Many times. And all this show will do is anger people because of all the technicalities and little rule manipulations. No one wants to see how the sausage is made.

And so, here are my predictions. Not what I want to do well or fail, but what will. Also, as a barometer for the “oners” vs. “flops”…Hank flopped; they couldn’t get it off the air fast enough. But Accidentally on Purpose lasted a season. I know. Shocking.

Successes — Blue Bloods, Boardwalk Empire, Hawaii Five-0, Lone Star, My Generation, School Pride

Renewals — Hellcats, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Mike & Molly, Nikita, Terriers, Undercovers, The Walking Dead

Oners — Better with You,  Body of Proof, Defenders, Detroit 1-8-7, The Event, No Ordinary Family,  Outlaw, Running Wilde, The Whole Truth

Flops — $#*! My Dad Says,  Chase, Outsourced, Raising Hope


6 Responses to “Feeny’s Fall 2010 Predictions”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    Wow. The worst trailer of all of them and you’re excited by it? Nikita is going to suck, Mr. Feeny. It just is.

    • Skate said

      Agreed. It seems like an Alias/Dark Angel wannabe.

      And I hope that The Walking Dead is a success. It seems like they are really focused on the storyline and not just zombies infesting the world.

    • Mr. Feeny said

      I’m amazed that you’re so anti-Nikita. Almost every critic I’ve read who already saw the premiere thought it was at least a good show. It’s on most of the Top 5 New Show lists.

  2. jtorrey said

    I have to agree with most of your assessments (especially on ‘$#!t My Dad Says’ and ‘Outsourced’). After last night’s rating for ‘Lone Star’ I don’t think it’s got long to live either.

    Check out my thoughts on the new season:

    • Mr. Feeny said

      That’s really disappointing. Why did Fox have to choose such a rotten timeslot for such a great show?

      I like your odds on the season. I agree with each one. Except maybe the L&O one…I think it could go another season…

      • jtorrey said

        They gave it a bad timeslot because they’re FOX and they can’t see any further in front of themselves than their own hands.

        Without Idol, they’d have been in trouble years ago. Things like Idol and ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ allow them to take up multiple hours of primetime a week with the same old stuff.

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