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Commander in Chef: Top Chef S7 Finale

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 15, 2010

Who will it be? (Um, most of these people have been sent home, actually.)

So I haven’t been blogging about Top Chef this season.  But I’ve been watching.  And it’s been a good season.  They kept us interested with the Kenny/Angelo rivalry.  Then, when they sent Kenny home prematurely, a bunch of middling chefs really stepped up.  Who would have predicted that Ed would have the amazing momentum he has going into the finale at the beginning of the season?  Not I, for sure.  In fact, I only would have predicted Angelo in the finals after the premiere.  Not Ed and CERTAINLY NOT Kevin.  He was truly the dark horse.

The challenges have been creative: disguise a classic dish at the CIA, run a concession stand at the Nationals Ball Park, along with the usual party catering challenges.  All in all, a solid season.

Now, who’s going to be Top Chef?  Let’s find out, shall we?

So, our remaining chefs, Ed, Kevin, and Angelo get called BACK to Judges’ Table, where awaiting is the trusty knife block.  Padma tells them the final challenge is to “create the four course meal of your life.”  Tom will be choosing their protein, and they must make a dessert.  The cheftestants also get some extra hands to help out…past winners including Hung, Michael, and Ilan.  Ed gets Ilan, Kevin gets Michael, and Angelo gets Hung.

Angelo starts feeling sick.  (International travel can do that to you.  Oh, did I mention they’re in Singapore?)  Tom decides that Hung can prep for Angelo while on the phone with him.  Ed thinks Angelo is being a little weakling.  Tom unveils their proteins and pulls an entire duck out of a bag.  Awesome.  (There are other sea foody type things too.)

I missed Hung running around the kitchen like a chicken with his head cut off.  It’s good to have him back.  But he’s

Hail to the Chef!

in a tough spot, because he has 3 hours to do everything, whereas everyone else has four hands to use in the three hours.

The doc clears Angelo to cook in the finale.  He still looks like hell, but I guess the antibiotic shot in the butt worked.

Heh, Ed made crispy fried cockles.

Moving on.

Seems like the judges can’t agree.  There are good things about all of our chefs’ meals.  Or at least the video editors are leading me to believe this.  The judges love Kevin’s dessert, and Gail is happy that all of the desserts were good this season!  I feel like Kevin’s going to win.  Ed cops a bit of an attitude (someone got arrogant over the last few episodes…he must have some big cockles) at Judges’ Table, which noticeably pissed the judges off.

So, who does the 125,000 dollars furnished by Dial Nutriskin go to?  Kevin!  For cooking the best meal and taking the most risks.  I’m happy for him.  It surprised me when he made it to the finals, and brought it in the end.

Padma: Kevin [dramatic pause] you are Top Chef.

Kevin: I am?


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