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Sex or Chocolate?: Just Desserts Premiere Review

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 15, 2010

So, we all know that the chefs on Top Chef choke when they have to cook desserts.  But what happens when you bring pastry chefs together to compete.  Let’s find out, shall we?

Sweet tooth, anyone?

Like Top Chef, the winner here wins a car, a spread in Food and Wine Magazine, a spot at the Food and Wine classic, and 100,000 bucks.  Hubert Keller joins Gail Simmons and some other people whom I’ve never heard of to judge Just Desserts.

I’m not going to go through all of the contestants, but you can read more about them here.  Turns out pastry chefs have far more, um, flamboyant personalities than do our savory chefs.  As the show starts, it’s weird to see Gail greeting our chefs instead of Padma.

This show will follow the format of Top Chef.  For the quickfire, the chefs have to prepare their signature dessert.  The guy that works at the restaurant named “Baked” looks high.  Appropriate.  It’s an interesting dynamic, though, because our chefs are worried about remembering measurements.  You can’t just wing it and see if it tastes good, like you can on Top Chef.  And, if you screw up, you’ve probably wasted all of your time baking something and won’t have time to fix it.  Basically, you can’t taste a cake halfway through baking it.

Gail interrupts their cooking time with a Top Chef-esque twist.  They have to transform their signature dish into a cupcake.  (I LOVE CUPCAKES ZOMG!)  But wow, Gail, way to make them waste a lot of ingredients.  I’m drooling on myself as the chefs present their cupcakes to the judges.  For me, this is way more food porn than Top Chef because I have a huge sweet tooth.  But drooling over TV=no tummy ache later!  YAY!  [Sort of.]

For the elimination challenge, they have to work with CHOCOLATE!  Any kind of chocolate dessert will do, it seems.  I see bottles of booze at the chef’s station. There’s already some shenanigans…who turned my oven up/down?!?!?  Tania’s mousse looks like hummus.  Which is kind of hilarious.  Zac used edible glitter on his cake.  That speaks volumes about his personality.

Zac, Heather, and Seth have the best desserts of the day.  Zac is already a major character on this show in all of his flamboyant glory.  Heather wins the first challenge for really understanding chocolate decadence.  Danielle, Tania, and Morgan round out the bottom three, and Danielle has already started to make a reputation for herself as the show bitch.  Tania’s dessert “just didn’t measure up” so she has to “pack her tools and go.”  Hummus-like mousse is a crime.  But now we get Danielle for another week.  Lucky us.

Man, I was hoping to be done with Bravo for awhile, but I think I may have to watch this regularly this season.  Desserts just take so well to being photographed.  Also, it’ll be interesting to see what they can come up with for challenges.

Grade: A

Bravo does it again.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  And we all know that Top Chef works.

This show is sweet.


One Response to “Sex or Chocolate?: Just Desserts Premiere Review”

  1. Marlo Stanfield said

    Jersus, there’s some difficult people on this show. But anything that has Top Chef in it’s title is on my DVR list.

    Grade: A

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