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High Fashion: ANTM (S15: E2)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 17, 2010

So we have our 14 girls in the house.  WHO will be eliminated tonight?

Our wannabes are in Venice Beach, where they get the keys to their new house from a “Venice Beach icon” (aka homeless person with scraggly beard.  Hope you disinfect everything first, girls).  OK, so I know they’re in Venice Beach, but Tyra got these girls a house with SAND inside.  They have a beach inside.  And there’s a beach outside.

What do we learn now?  Annamaria sucks.  Like so hardcore.  With her “New York” attitude and “calorie restricted diet.”  Also, Kayla’s a lesbian.  For reals.

Great view right up her skirt

For their first challenge, the girls are walking in a Diane von Furstenberg runway show.  Hey.  A designer I’ve heard of.  Way to go, Tyra.  Oh, and the runway is 4 stories above the ground.  (Get it?  HIGH fashion?  But my problem is that people on the ground can’t really see that far up to even see the clothes.)  They also have to do their own hair and makeup.  DVF, have you seen some of these girls?  They ugly.  And have no style.  Good thing you can’t actually see them.  Except right up their skirts.  What a horrible idea, Tyra/DVF.  Also, these girls can’t walk.  I mean, they can walk.  But now down a runway while looking good.  I’d be cringing if I were DVF.  (Also, Kacey, your heart isn’t literally pumping out of your chest.  Literally.)

Teen bullying is the topic of their first photo shoot.  How extraordinarily vogue.  I personally always flip to the teen bullying fashion spreads when I get my Vogue Italia in the mail.  Tyra shows up and whines about how hard it was to grow up with a big forehead.  Yah. Try being a lesbian, Tyra.  So the girls write the mean words they were called on their bodies and model swimsuits.  Tyra puts her psychologist hat on over her big forehead and counseled the girls through their past problems.  Cuz digging up past dirt is sooo healthy.

At the photoshoot, Mr. Jay tells Annamaria she’s too skinny.  Thank

No bullying in the top model house....RIGHT

goodness.  She’s utterly emaciated.  It’s disgusting.  And she said she didn’t care.  Terra completely breaks down at the photoshoot.  Demi Lovato shows up.  She says bullying is bad.  I’m sure that will stick in the house.

Paaaaaaanel time.  Lexie did well, which is annoying cuz she’s annoying.  Tyra calls Annamaria out for being emaciated.  She says she doesn’t see it, and she likes her body.  Ann also rocked it.  I can’t get over her plain looks, but the judges seem to like it.

Decision time.  Fourteen beautiful ladies are standing in front of Tyra, but she only has thirteen photos in her hands.  Best photo goes to Ann.  The pictures are handed out until she only has one photo in her hands, which represents the girl still in the running to be America’s Next Top Model.  (Ok, considering I have the script of this show memorized, it’s probably time to stop watching.)  Arrogant Annamaria in the bottom two.  Sweet justice.  Terra sneaks by, and Annamaria goes home.  I feel vindicated and satisfied.  She’s still not having it, and says she’ll make it on her own.

Yah.  Right.

In case you don’t believe me, emaciated Anamaria:


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