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Big Days: HIMYM (S6: E1)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 21, 2010

Cindy has changed since Ted saw her last...

Season six of HIMYM is now under way.  And the writers have promised to make Ted less of a d-bag.  Have they succeeded?  So far, so good.  But then, they only had 21 minutes to screw it up so far.

Plot Summary: Marshall and Lily have officially begun trying to have a baby.  Now if only everyone on the planet didn’t know about it.  Robin is still reeling from her breakup with Don.  Ted and Barney are hanging at MacLaren’s only to see a super hot girl at a bar.  Barney calls ‘dibs’ but then Ted finds out she’s there with Cindy, who we already know is the mother’s roommate.  Cindy thanks Ted for showing her that he was not what she wanted, and tells Ted to come say goodbye before he leaves the bar.  Turns out, hot girl at the bar is not the roommate or some other friend of Cindy’s, but her girlfriend.  So when she says Ted showed her what she didn’t want, she meant dudes.

What we Learn about the Mother: Ted will meet her at a wedding.  Just whose wedding it is isn’t clear to me yet.

Best part: When Ted tells Barney that Cindy invited him over to her table to say goodbye, Barney assures him he has an in with the hot girl.  They go for a high five, only to realize that that won’t mark the momentousness of the occasion.  So Barney exclaims: “High six!”  And they ceremoniously bump their palms plus one finger from the other hand together.  Ted then asks, “Did they see us do the high six?”  Barney glances over his shoulder and says, “No.”  Ted replies, “Good cuz that was pretty lame.  Let’s never do that again.”

Other good moments:

1) Ted is shown nervously waiting outside the church at this [unknown person’s] wedding where he will meet the mother.  Marshall brings him a beer and says, “Beer be with you.”  Ted replies, “And also with you.”  They then later remark that Marshall has “fixed church.”  “You’re welcome, God.”

2) When Barney calls dibs on the hot girl at the bar, he accuses Ted of not respecting the tradition of the ‘dib.’  He embarks upon a fake history of Sir Walter Dibs, inventor of the dib.  Ted cuts him off, saying he doesn’t have time, so all we get is a screenshot of a stormy sea and an eighteenth-century boat.

3) Robin shows up at the bar looking utterly disgusting because she’s depressed about her breakup.  Barney says that girls have a hotness expiration date (like milk) and that she has passed hers.  However, he says, this won’t prevent “a random guy here and there from opening the fridge, taking a sniff, shrugging, and taking a sip.”  (Robin then proves him wrong by getting all dressed up and proving she’s still got it.)

All in all, this was a fine episode.  Nothing to write home (to your mother?) about.  But it laid the groundwork for some important things that I suspect will happen (hopefully) sooner rather than later.  I’m still on board.


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