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“Running Wilde” Premiere Review

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 22, 2010

I’m sorry, Arrested Development fans. This is not the next coming of your favorite sitcom. I don’t care that it’s by the same creative team. Will Arnett and David Cross aren’t GOB and Tobias. And no matter how many references you make to it in your new show (“I’ve made a terrible mistake” and mispronouncing “earth-rapers”), it’s not the same quality program.

The humor isn’t off-the-wall enough. But it’s also not ordinary. It’s in a limbo of what’s realistic and what’s made-up. Not a good place to base a show. Arrested Development has become a cult hit because of its quirkiness. Running Wilde tries too hard to be quirky and ends up being a little pathetic.

I realize it’s a 22 minute comedy, but the characters are not well-developed. Especially Keri Russell’s. She was much too willing to abandon the rainforest and stay with Wilde. Sure, they had a relationship when they were younger, but would you really be pining for that person 20 years later? So much so you’d drop everything for him?

The best thing going for the show is Will Arnett. He is hysterical as usual, with his understated, almost throw-away jokes. The supporting cast has promise, but I didn’t laugh at anything they did or said (except for the scene between Arnett and his neighbor, pretending to be a doctor). So there are moments in this premiere, but not enough to make me excited about the premise, cast or writing. The only reason to watch again is for Arnett…and I might, since I enjoy him so much. I’m just hoping the material gets more original (not borrowing from AD gags) and humorous (this show could use some slapstick).

Grade: C- (I actually found Raising Hope, which I really disliked, funnier)


2 Responses to ““Running Wilde” Premiere Review”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    You’re reading my mind, Feeny. I feel exactly the same way about this show as you do, right down to thinking that Raising Hope was actually funnier.

    I did find myself liking Will Arnett’s character, but everyone else kinda sucked. I kind of found myself feeling for Puddle, Keri Russell’s daughter. She had some good lines.

    But it just wasn’t very good. I’m happy to report that I will not watch this show ever, EVER again.

    Grade: D.

  2. Marlo Stanfield said

    I’ve heard rumors that they rewrote the show after the pilot. Let’s hope this is true.

    Yeah, I found myself chuckling a number of times, but this could be the blandest new sitcom of the year (most this year are just bad). Will Arnett is good, but he’s not GOB Bluth good. And Keri Russell does a good job of… well, being Keri Russell.

    Now I do like rich people being stupid, and I think the one upping storyline with Farhad could be good, but I didn’t see it in this episode.

    The voiceover narration kills me, but not in the “Oh my, that’s funny” way. I can’t stand it – it adds back nothing to the series, and it’s the reason I hate The Middle. Cut. It. Out.

    Grade: C-

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